Monday, May 23, 2016

Heart For Hearts 14inch Doll Goodwill Find!!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

After church yesterday I stopped by Goodwill... You know me, if I am in neighborhood I totally have to stop in and check for dolls or doll sized items! 

Who did I find but Lauryce! She is a Heart For Hearts doll. They don't make these lovely little dolls anymore sadly... So the only source now are secondary market sources. On eBay they usually go for quite a bit because they aren't produced anymore... So... All these things made her quite the thrift store score because she was only $1.99!!

She had to have belonged to an adult collector because she has most of her original "Meet Outfit"! Even her shoes, which is very rare in a second hand doll at thrift store! 

I took these photos without cleaning her up at all but honestly, she's like brand new! Her little dress still had the stitch that held it down in the box still there and so she has never been removed from this outfit!

I love her story... She is from New Orleans post-Hurricane-Katrina. This is her story:

I borrowed it from the description on a website that used to sell her.... I really like her little story because my kin on my Daddy's side are all from Alabama and so I spent a goodly amount of my childhood in the South. Louisiana is right next to Alabama and so it's customs and traditions are very similar. So, makes me a bit nostalgic. I think I am going to keep her name as it is, Lauryce is a pretty name. 

Here she is with my other HeartForHearts dolls! I love the diversity that was the hallmark of the line... They all "came from" different parts of the world. 

And all here is of them with the Corolle doll I just found and cleaned up recently... They are nearly same size but the Corolle doll is a bit smaller. 

I took the photos above by just putting one of my tri-fold display boards in the front part of the "yoga studio" I had set up... So when I was done taking photos, I took out the display board and it looked so cute having the HeartForHearts dolls standing in front of the 18inch dolls that I had to take a photo!

Or two...!

Well that's it for now doll friends! It's Monday and time to get back to the weekday grind! Hope this finds you having a fantastic day!

Till next time!


  1. Hi! I have been "lurking" on your blog ever since I first discovered it a couple of months ago. I am a huge thrift store fanatic and doll collector as well, so I love reading about all the dolls you find there! I really like the Hearts 4 Hearts Girls--they were such nice quality little dolls for the money. I was able to buy a few new just before the stores quit selling them, but I've picked a few up at Goodwill, too. My favorite is Tipi from Laos, but I really do love them all! I also have a blog where I journal about my dolls and sewing projects: , in case you are wondering if there are any other crazy, middle-aged women out there who love dolls as much as you do--well, I do! Thank you for giving us a peek into your doll world!

    1. Dear Angela,
      I visited your blog and knew Heather Doll is 2009 Madam Alexander. I bought three Madan Alexader doll to hava the same one as Heather's, they are a little bit different. Finally, I placed an order for one eBay. HaHa. Thanks.
      I am an Korean middle aged woman, having no idea about 18" dolls, but your blog helped me find what I wanted to have.
      I like Heathe's idea to upcyle doll clothes and make doll stuffs and her wide knowledge for dolls.
      Nice to see you here.

    2. Hi Angela and Frann!
      I bookmarked your blog Angela so I can go back and look more closely! It's so nice to have doll friends! It's my busy day today and so just popping in for a quick hi! Looking forward to getting to know you better Angela! Frann and I have become good friends over dolls! Now it'll be fun to imagine you both sitting and having coffee with me as I go on about dolls. Heehee. I love the Internet!! XXOO

    3. Aren't dolls just the best? I've made the most wonderful friends through my doll addiction...I mean, "hobby"! I think I'm going to have a grand time getting to know both you and Fran better!

    4. They are! I always wonder if the "thrill" of dolls will wear off but... 43 years in and I still get a kick out of dolls and doll related items just as much as ever. Haha. Hiphiphooray for Doll Friends!

  2. Hi Heather, I am always excited to see your new posting and happier this time to find a new doll friend like me. Can I say hi Angela instead of you?
    Maybe she has the similar feeling to me, getting into your blog. LOL.
    I know how much time it takes to groom a new doll from thrift store. Thanks to your magic hands, Corolle Dolls has perfect hair and stading elegantly and a little proudly.
    The happiest thing is me standing with you.

    1. Didn't she turn out great! I must admit I am having loads of fun having Heather and Frann dolls hang out and have adventures! Seriously! It's been a whole new way to have fun. I mean, I've made doppelgänger dolls of many of my friends, but never a friend who loves dolls too! So much more fun cos I know you get a kick out of it too! Here's to the many future adventures of Heather and Frann! ❤️❤️❤️