Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Girlfriend Lunch At The Doll House

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

I finally got the kitchen set up in the Doll House after making my new background the other day!

So, naturally, some of the dolls wanted to have a girlfriends lunch!

Here is Myfanwy cooking up some vegetables for lunch... She cooks all vegetarian food to keep things healthy.

Jen is bringing the tomatoes.

Patricia talking to Myfanwy...

Everyone is getting things ready!

Susannah is grabbing the bread. After lunch they are going to put away the groceries.

Baby Oliver is so cute and all the girls love him to bits!

Lunch is served!

Delicious as usual Myfanwy!

Group shot!

**May 31, 2016: I thought I'd posted this a month or more ago... But I went in today to update my 'tags' in my Blog because I've been really bad about doing that for a few months and realized I'd never posted this...! So... Guess it's good I take an hour or so to go through my posts sometimes huh? Glad I found it and got it posted because it's a fun post**

Till next time!


  1. Oh! Perfect kichen set up. Kichen stuffs are so cute and many. I would like to be your assistant to display dolls and stuffs.

  2. Very cute! Lots of neat dolls!

  3. I saw her, your friend Myfanwy. The doll Myfanwy looks the same as real Myfanwy. How could you choose the doll which takes after the real person? Oh amazing!!! She looks nice and friendly.