Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Trip Into Town and Lunch With A Friend!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

Yesterday I had a meeting in town with a friend and decided to bring Frann Doll along for a bit of an adventure.

We live in the middle of the good ol' USofA, right in the Breadbasket of the country. So, where I live, there are a lot of farmers. God bless them! I've always wanted to stop and take photos of the beautiful drive into town... So, yesterday I just decided to start with a few of my favorite points of interest along my drive. This is the only real 'stop' in my nearly hour long drive into town... I thought the sky looked so pretty! Spring is finally coming! 

Here is a farm I pass every time I go into town... They have so many cows! Frann Doll found it fascinating because there aren't a whole lot of farms with cows where she's from. 

She sat and watched them for a few minutes... Such interesting creatures they are! 

The farm buildings were interesting too... It even has red barns! Just like in story books!

One of these days, we'll have to get out of the car and take a proper look! Just didn't have enough time...

"Goodbye cows!!"

Our next stop along the way was this cute church I always love seeing along the way... It's an old school white steeple church just like the ones I attended when I was a girl and got married in. So pretty!

Again, one of these days we will have to get out of the vehicle for proper photos! For now it was just a driving tour. 

Right next to the church was a bone yard cemetery. For some reason, I've always found them peaceful places... Perhaps because I was a pastors daughter and as a child I played graveyard tag in them more than a few times. (Don't judge! You do what you can to entertain yourself when you're at church as much as a pastors kid! LOL!) Eitherwise, I think they're peaceful and pretty.

Such a pretty drive....

Then when we got into town Frann met up for lunch with Mandy.
(Teehee. Yes, she was in car with us but this is a story I am telling here... Play along with me! LOL!)

They met up at the FarmHouse Cafe which has the most amaging food. They ordered sandwiches and one of FarmHouse's most amazing pastries! They had wonderful lemondade to drink.

Such a fun time! Meeting friends for lunch is the best!

They had a great chat and enjoyed their srumptious food...

Then they decided to go next door to Mangelsen's Craft Store to see what sorts of things they might have... It's always fun to browse and chat with a friend to walk off some of your lunch.

They were very impressed with the beautiful fabric department! So many beautiful patterns and colors to choose from!

They found these cute bins of toys... They made a mental note of them in case they needed a gift for a party sometime. Frann and Mandy both decided the boy dolls would love the toy cars!

They found some great leis and grass skirts for luau parties!

Then they found these great suckers!! YummO!

They decided they needed to take a photo next to this scary looking cave... Wait... What's that?

Run girls! Run for your lives!! 

We went in thinking there likely wouldn't be much 'doll sized' stuff there but low and behold, what did we find?? Doll sized 'cookie' cutters!! In every shape you can imagine! For only $1.99 a pack! I bought the 'bears' because... How could I not!? Right?

Here they are about to go back out into the parking lot and we decided it'd be the safest way to take a photo of them 'by the sign... They had so much fun!

Better run!
Have a great day!


  1. I enjoy your posts so much. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I am so glad! I have so much fun doing them! Thanks for saying that! <3

  2. Outside views look beautiful! I know you know me. What I want to do is what you did for Frann Doll. Thank you for showing me happy trip to town.

    1. I have so much fun on my adventures with Frann Doll... I always imagine I am giving you a tour of this or that and then just show her the things I'd show you. :) Maybe someday I'll get real Frann to Nebraska and give you a real tour. A girl can dream. Meanwhile, this is a good substitute. Chat soon! <3