Sunday, February 5, 2017

Oriana Attends The Luau At The Doll House

Aloha Doll Friends!!

The day that Oriana arrived at the Doll House also happened to be the day of the Luau Josh and Heather Doll threw for our friend Cat Doll when she told us she wanted to give a Hula Lesson in the Doll House. Hula is Cat's passion and she wanted to share it with her friends. What better excuse than that to throw a Luau?! 

So naturally Josh and Heather insisted that Oriana throw on a swimsuit and come to the luau and to meet people! Heather Doll ran and got her a few suits to pick from and she chose this adorable bikini because it was blue and would look awesome with her fabulous blue hair.

A few other guests had arrived since we first took photos at the party... Here is Jamar talking shells with Noel after they collected a bucket of them on the beach. 

Sueretta and Jamar were having a chat and Heather Doll said "Say cheese!" and they turned to the camera and she got this great shot! Isn't Sueretta's blue gingham romper the cutest?! Always such a great sense of style. 

Some 'candid' photos from the luau... There was such a great food table! Ono grinds and puupuu's for everyone! 

I was inspired to set up the Luau scene when I got the Our Generation Love a Luau Set a while ago on sale. I know this isn't a proper review of it really but I figured I'd mention it in case I end up not remembering to do one. Can you spot the items from the set in the photos? Given that my first apartment was in Wahiawa Hawaii, I left a tiny part of my heart in Hawaii forevermore. In fact, more than a few dolls from the Doll House are doppelganger dolls who've been named after friends I met there, Cat Doll and Noel Doll included. I realized after I posted all these photos that I'd meant to get Jacxine changed and invited to the Luau!? Hazard of having so many dolls and never enough time. I still need to do photos of the Hula lesson though so it's not too late! 

Josh and Heather were happy to see the party going so well.

Oriana Doll immediately hit it off with Bill Doll and they talked for at least an hour... Which is pretty unusual for Bill Doll! He's usually a doll of few words! 

Bill also surprised everyone with his blender skills! He kept everyone supplied with a fruity festive beverages of all manner. Not everyone was in the mood for sweet drinks though, Katniss decided she'd rather just have a bottle of water. 

Oriana loved the beach! She'd never been before! She collected a bucket of shells of her own because she loved them so much. 

She gave several away to her new friends at the Doll House. Everyone at the Doll House made Oriana feel so welcome that she felt like she'd been there her whole life! She was just so 'at home' with everyone. Isn't it so nice when that happens? Before everyone knew it, it was time to start Cat's Hula Lesson...! Stay tuned for that!

Better run!
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  1. Very cute and entertaining!
    I REALLY like Sueretta. What brand is she? Her face is so cute!