Friday, February 17, 2017

Vintage Lissi 18 Inch Doll BodyTransplant

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

The other day when I was in town I found this beautiful Lissi Doll for $3.99 at Goodwill. I immediately fell in love with her pretty face sculpt! I have had a Lissi Puppen Doll I got on eBay last year that I liked really well at first... Sadly, she had the 'soft non-poseable' body and my daughter said every time she'd pass her on the shelf "She's creepy Mom!". So she was donated to Goodwill during a doll purge at some point or another. That doll had 'painted' eyes and I think that was the reason my daughter didn't like her. This new beauty has 'sleep eyes' and I like them loads better. I don't know much about Lissi dolls. I think they are a German doll and know this little lady is vintage but when I went to the Lissi Website it loaded slower than 1995 dial-up website or something! Do you know anything about them? I also searched Google images for them and mostly you find images for eBay listings for them. 

Unfortunately she also had the 'soft body" type that isn't my favorite because she can't pose . Also clothes never look quite right on this sort of doll body because they have slumpy shoulders. So.... naturally... I gave her a body transplant!

Her dress was pretty... Very 1990's really, but pretty. I plan to wash it and pack it away for Christmas time photos. 

Her shoes looked like baby doll shoes and she had smaller feet than standard, modern 18 inch dolls. 

See what I mean? Her shoulders aren't poseable at all and, with no armature, she could neither sit properly or stand properly without a doll stand.

So as I've done many times, I took one of my 'lesser favorite' OG dolls and gave her a body transplant 

Here we are mid-surgery... As I always do, I put the donor dolls head on the other body and zip tied it on. She will go to Goodwill and, I will hope, find some little girl who likes soft bodied dolls to sleep with. 

I just love how she came out! Her hair was lovely but had a few decades of dust in it... So she got a good shampoo and conditioning last night. I'll have to come back to show you photos after I take some after work today. Trust me though, her hair looks amazing now! 

Better run and get ready for day! 
Till next time...


  1. Your new Lissi is very pretty! I googled some information about the history of the Lissi doll company, and this is what I found: The Lissi Doll Company makes Lissi dolls. The company was founded in Germany in 1879 by Arno and Lissi Batz as a family-owned and operated company. Lissi dolls are well-known for their soft body construction and the attention to detail in the dolls' features and clothing. As of 2014, the Lissi Doll Company has been owned and operated by the descendants of its founders for six generations. The company produces its dolls in Germany. It expanded to include the Toys Hong Kong Limited company, which produces toys that are exported from Hong Kong and provides additional distribution for Lissi dolls.

    1. Thanks Angela! That's awesome information! Now that you tell me they are German it makes sense that they remind me of Gotz dolls. Neat! So much to learn in the doll world!!