Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekend Thrift Store Doll Finds!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends,

Just a quick post here to show you the other fun stuff I got a thrift stores yesterday besides the cool workbench I already posted about. 

One store had these adorable vintage doll clothes for 99cents a bag. I bought most of all they had other than the few that were baby doll clothes... Can't wait to try a few of them on the dolls!

I love the double knit pants! So 1970s!!

I am hoping these little dresses fit my Wellie Wisher or Melissa & Doug dolls or my HeartsForHearts dolls or my Our Generation Little Friends dolls. I think they'll work for at least one of them...?

This one I bought because I love the skirt on top!! Reminds me of American Girl Doll Julie and the 1970s. I was born in 1972 so that's pure nostalgia for me! 

I am also hoping this little robe with fit the shorter dollies... Isn't it cute?

Then I also got the cute Easter themed plates, just in time for upcoming Easter dinner and celebrations! They were only 69cents each! The fishing pole was 50cents and the beautiful depression glass bowls were also only 59c each. I also ran by Tuesday Morning and found the little book "Babysitting for Dummies" for only about 50cents as well. Isn't it cute! It'll be great for the dolls who are members of the Baby Sitter Club in the Doll House.

Aren't they pretty!?

I also found this little bag of yard type tools that looked great on the work bench!!

Then lastly I got this cute 'snow shovel' for 89cents! It's perfectly sized for the Dolls!! 

Isn't it cute? 

Better run!
Till Next Time!


  1. Heather, you have fantastic thrift stores!
    I'm positive the yellow bath robe is VINTAGE for Chatty Cathy Baby doll. So that's a really great price you paid!

    1. Awesomeness!! :) I'll have to get it out and look it over better today after work... Never enough time to play with dolls! :) Aren't they your favorite sort of dolls?