Sunday, February 26, 2017

Recent Doll Sized Dish Thrift Store Finds!

Hi Doll Friends!!

When you're out and about thrifting, don't look only in the toy section for doll sized accessories... Often times you can find 'real' dishes' that lend themselves to work really well in the Doll House. Then again, always look in the toy section because you can often find 'toy' tea sets that are perfect for 18inch dolls as well...

See the table above? All the dishes are thrity finds. 

Here is a mixed-lot tea set I recently got at my local thrift store for only $1.00! As you can see, it's is a mix of items from two or three different tea sets... But plenty and perfect to mix & match with doll sized dishes I've thrifted before. You see what I mean? Just because a set isn't complete, don't write it off! The clear oval 'bowl' in the corner of photo was only 5cents! I think it's meant to have had a lid but I think it'll make a pretty serving bowl for fruit.  

I also recently found these 'real' dishes for the doll house. I had found two of the depression glass bowls the week before at the same Goodwill but must've missed these two. Now I have four of them and they could make really pretty plates for a fancy party. So gorgeous! The two little cordial goblets are so pretty and only 39cents each! My favorite of all are the little sushi plates. I am not sure what they are actually made for? Sauces? To lay your chop sticks on? Not sure. In the Doll House they are going to make the most adorable sushi plates though!! 

Here are the dolls with some of the tea sets... I also recently found the little 'bowls' they each have some fruit in... They are actually called 'salts' and that is exactly what they held on fancy tables in the old fashioned days. They were only 25c each. The little butterfly tea pot also came from a thrift store... Again, not 'made for' dolls but nearly perfect for them, right? See the fruit in my 5cent bowl? So pretty!

Since I had gotten all the new dishes I decided it was time to sort out and re-organize the doll dish hutch I got for free once at a garage sale... Sometimes it pays to go while people are packing up! I was looking at it, wondering if my husband would think I was stark raving mad to bring it home (this was back when I was first getting 'in' to dolls and worried more about such things... Now my husband knows I am Doll Crazy but he doesn't mind... Hahaha!) Anyway, so the guy who owned it saw me looking at it and nearly walking away from it (even though it was probably only marked like $5, I was thinking of the 'space') and he said "You can just have that if you want it, I don't want ot drag it back in the house." Well.... For that price... how could I not? So glad I did because it's the best little dish cabinet for my dolls! I actually very rarely photo it because it's more where I store things and less 'doll furniture'. After I got it all sorted and re-organized I thought you might like a peek. 

Here is Angel Doll (Madame Alexander) showing you the dishes... I have quite a few as you can see. 

See how 'tall' the cabinet is? Even so, I think it looks cute with the dolls because it just looks like a huge 'built in' cupboard like in a 'real' house. It holds a ton, which is good. As you can see, there is also storage below but I didn't sort that out and so we'll save that for another day! Hahaha. I am reasonably sure the cabinet was 'made' for the bathroom of a real house. Isn't it neat how 'non doll' items sometimes lend themselves perfectly to doll needs? I love it.

So, as you can see, despite not having 'complete' sets for much of these, by combining sets here and there I can serve the multitudes of dolls who come to parties  and dinners in the doll house. 

So here it is, all sorted out... But what is funny is later in the day yesterday after I got it all sorted out, I ran by the thrift shop again (I'm telling you, you never know!) and, recalling I'd wished I had better 'crates' to sort with, I was on look out for wood boxes to use as shelves. I found one!!

So I brought it home and re-did the top shelf. Much better! Do you collect doll sized dishes too? I'd love to see your collection!

Better run!


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    1. I've always been glad I decided to bring it home! :) It's fun finding things that are not 'made' for dolls and having them be perfect for them! Eh? <3