Monday, February 15, 2016

Battat Our Generation 15" Little Friends Doll Joins Dollhouse

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

I am not sure if any of you observe Lent... I do but this is only my third year. I started not due to dogma but rather because I really wanted to spend more time reflecting on Jesus in the time leading up to Easter. The first two years, I gave up Facebook. It really did make a big difference in my life because before then, I'd worked my way into a pretty powerful Facebook addiction and it helped to put it in it's proper perspective. However... I wanted to do something different this year so it would be 'fresh' and perhaps lead to more reflection. So.... What did I decide to fast from? I actually decided to fast two things. The first is chocolate. I am wondering if I was crazy to do that because I am less than a week in and already it's torture! I never knew how addicted I was to it apparently. Yesterday was Valentine's Day and I never gave too much thought as to how much chocolate plays into that holiday until I didn't allow myself to eat one solitary morsel of it. Ouch! But that's good! I shouldn't be so reliant on it so it will be good for me. The second thing I am fasting is... Wait for it... *drum roll* Buying dolls! That's right... I am fasting buying any dolls at all for lent this year. 

Never fear though, I'll have plenty to write about. I've done quite a lot of 'partial' reviews of dolls in the past... Where I'd kind of open the box, look over the doll and photo but then say something along lines of "I'll do a more thorough review later"... But never really do get back to them because I am always going forward forward forward and forget. Haha!

Also, you've perhaps heard of 'Fat Tuesday'? Well, Lent starts on a Wednesday every year and so the Tuesday before is Fat Tuesday. It's essentially the day where you sort of gorge yourself on whatever it is you're giving up for Lent. Kind of a last hurrah! So... I sort of did the Fat Tuesday thing on dolls. I literally orderered or bought four dolls that day, either online or at a store. Haha! This is one of them!

I'd had her on my watch list ever since I bought my first Battat Little Friend. They really are pretty rare! I've only ever seen like four of them on eBay since I found out about them even ever having been made!

As you can see, unlike the first one, this one came new in the box and the lot included a second outfit!

Her box name is Margaret but I am sure I'll come up with an alternate name... I like to name my own dolls! Do you?

She's got such a cute little face!!

The outfit is cute too and love that I got an additonal pair of shoes because I am sure I won't be able to purchase any more any time soon. 

This is the bottom of the box. Speaking of promising better reviews later, I am going to have to do that this time too. I doubt I'll go through the gamut of photos like the first review because the only difference is her hair color but I'll take some photos of her with my first Little Friend doll. I still haven't named that one... I usually wait until I can think of something that feels perfect. I am leaning towards Stephanie... We will see. 

Hope this finds you having a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by!

Till next time!


  1. Dear Heather!
    I'd like to show my sincere respect to your decision for Lent. Fasting two of them, chocolate and buying dolls.
    Actuall I don't care chocolate, but feared buying dolls.
    Oh!! Thank you for not stopping talking about your dolls.
    I have been really into your style to make over second-hand dolls and upcycle clothes instead of buying new dolls.
    Right, I always wait for your review more and later after introducing new dolls.
    If possible, could you show more doll picture taken outside?
    I wonder what it is like to live in USA.
    Happy to have an earnest doll friend like you.

  2. Good Morning Frann!!
    Great hearing from you as always... More later today, just wanted to say Hi and I am so glad we are friends!! Back with more proper response later, gotta work early this morning to bank some hours for later in the week. Chat soon! <3