Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Our Generation 18inch Doll Arizona

Hi Doll Friends!

Short on time as ever lately! Banking time at work so can take a few days off and it's killing my hobby time. 

Still, when I went into town today for my meeting I ran by Target. You know, just to look. 

Uh-oh. I loved her the minute I saw her and knew I had to buy her. I mean, the outfits are $16.99 and a doll with an outfit on is $24.99. I always think "This time I'll get an outfit" because there are several I like but then I see a doll and... Well...

Interestingly enough, as I am holding her, I look over and there is my latest "Holy Grail" doll! (A doll I've decided I need in my collection but which is impossible to find anywhere, even online!) The "Chalk Doll"!! I grab her and take look at her... Hmmm... She does have cool colored steak in back of hair but her hair isn't white, just pale blonde. I have lots of pale blonde dolls... 

So I left the chalk doll at store and brought home Arizona. That's her OG name. I will re-name her... Just haven't decided what. 

I love her outfit! Cute cowboy boots and hat. Adorable lace skirt and denim lace embellished blouse with cowboy belt. Love!

"And she's out of the box!"
-Mommy and Gracie show on YouTube, have you watched? If not, go check them out! They do great reviews on all manner of doll)

So cute. The bottom of her hair is cash curly and she has light freckles on her nose.

Here she is with two of my other Our Generation dolls. 

I'll get her photographed more closely soon!! 

More soon! Have a great day friends!!


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