Monday, February 22, 2016

New Disney Princess And Me 18inch Cinderella

Hi Doll Friends!!

Long time, no post! So sorry. Can't account for reasons other than February and it's "dragging-myself-along-till-Spring" nature. More than half way through now! Thank Heavens!

So as you may recall, I've given up buying dolls for Lent. That doesn't stop me from looking! I went into town yesterday evening for a meeting and on way figured I'd stop in at ToysRUs... I mean, can't hurt to look right? Also, I am fasting buying dolls, I said nothing of doll clothes or accessories! Ha!

So I round corner to where the 18inch dolls usually are and what do I see but this:

Uh oh! I am being tested! LOL Kidding. Isn't she gorgeous though?! I have a few a Disney Princess and Me Dolls; Belle, Rapunzel, Aurora and Ariel. They are really beautiful dolls! Not my favorite variety because I find their bodies to be a bit too fragile. My Aurora's leg broke off just from gentle play and for a $50 doll, that's crazy. Being an adult collector though, I can buy fragile dolls if I want to! *stamps foot* Haha.

So she will be on my wish list! Not sure I'll ever want to pay "new" price for her (all my other Disney Princess dolls have been found 2nd hand for $10 or less) but I'll be looking for her.... 

More soon friends! I have loads of photos in camera and ideas in mind... But gotta slug through last bit of February and I am sure I'll rally back to a higher energy level! Hope this finds you having a wonderful day!


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