Thursday, April 6, 2017

Bubblegum Eggs As Doll Easter Eggs!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

Easter is on it's way!! Tomorrow is a week from Good Friday! Easter is one of my favorite holidays of the year, second only behind Christmas I suppose. Then again, as you know if you've read this blog a while, Jesus is my favorite! So, no surprise that the two holidays celebrating Him are also my favorites, right? 

So as I was thinking of Easter in the Doll House this year, I was trying to figure out some way for the dolls to color easter eggs...? I have a couple of 'cartons of eggs' gleaned from my My Life As Doll Kitchen set and my My Life As Doll Shopping Basket set but they are just cardboard boxes with no actual 'eggs' in them. I was just about to set about making some from clay since egg shapes are probably pretty 'do-able' when it comes down to it... Or at least more so than just about any other thing I might try and mold myself! Hahaha. Right? Until....

Low and behold I am walking down the Easter aisle in the Dollar General, I see packages of little cartons of already dyed easter eggs that are literally perfectly doll sized!! What?! How awesome is that?! Ok... So they are bubble gum. Who cares, right? Only a $1 for four cartons! Fabulous! I bought a package thinking it'd be 'enough'... When I found them again at Walmart about a week later (also for $1) I decided to grab another package because as I was seeing people dying eggs in real life they were surrounded by egg cartons and so I thought it'd make the pictures cuter to have eight cartons. Nothing exceeds like excess, right? Here are Frann Doll and Becky Doll posing with the package from Walmart with the cartons from the Dollar General package on the table. I photographed that package too so you'd know what to look for if you want to go look for them, see below. 

Aren't they just perfect in scale? So cute!

As you can see, the ones from the Dollar General on the left are a bit different than the ones on the left. In my OCD TypeA way, I sorted the ones on the left by color, they'd come all jumbled up the same as the others.... Hahaha. That isn't the difference I am remarking on though... The Dollar General ones (on left) are a bit on pastel side than the ones on the right from Walmart. The package insert/label is a bit different on them too... But for most part, exactly the same thing.

So how to go about making it look like they are dying eggs? Well... My thought was to use some of the communion cups I had on hand and to put some of the eggs in them and then add glue in same was I did with the dolly drinks I made a while ago. Which is what I did... Sadly, it kind of looks like they are sitting in water and not dye. Phooey. I considered trying to figure out how to make them look more like dye but in interest of getting this posted before next Easter I decided to just go with it as it was for now. So you'll just have to imagine the little cups have dye in them and not clear 'water'. Eh? If I come up with a better alternative (I suspect I could use a tiny amount of real food coloring mixed in with the glue and then add the gum egg...? I might give that a go this coming weekend and if I do, I'll come back and let you know!) 

Eggs, eggs, eggs!! Everywhere eggs!!

They got them all dyed and put them back into the cartons and into a huge basket to store until it was time to hide them for the Easter Egg Hunt next week! All the dolls in the Doll House are looking forward to that...!

After they got done dying the eggs, they set them in the chair in the corner and Heather Doll made some coffee for everyone and pulled out the cookie jar too. 

What a fun afternoon dying Easter eggs!

So, if you're looking for a great doll accessory for nearly no money, you can't go wrong with these cute little bubble gum eggs. It'd be nice if I could keep the eggs to use 'forever' but being as they're made out of bubble gum I am a bit skeptical that they'd 'last'? I have thought about sealing them with Mod Podge but am not sure if that would work... I am going to ask the experts on such things in my Doll Groups later on Facebook! I'll let you know what I hear. I seem to recall being able to use 'real' food without fear of spoilage by sealing it but I can't recall where I heard it.  I could always go with my original idea of crafting eggs out of clay and then storing them in the cute cartons...? So... We shall see.

Better run!
Hope this finds you having a beautiful day!


  1. Where there is a will, there is a way. Happy Easter Day to you and all doll friends!

    1. Thanks Frann!! <3 Right back at you!! <3