Monday, April 24, 2017

Garage Sale Rocking Chair Find!!

Hi Doll Friends!!

I went to a Garage Sale at the church down my street on Friday and found this cute chair... I don't really need a new chair but how could I not, right? It was only $2.00!

I almost didn't get it because I am always worrying about having 'too much' doll stuff... 

It reminds me of the lanai chairs from My Life As Dolls that I kind of want to get so... I obviously decided to bring it home.

Isn't it cute?! 

Better run! 
Till Next Time!


  1. Heather, you cannot have too much doll stuff. But you do have to weed and purge now and then, as the walls of your house really cannot expand! Tee hee....

    1. Loretta!
      Been meaning to get here to answer some of your great comments but have been totally immersed in a big project for the blog. Excited to announce it soon but wanted to shout out and thank you oodles for the commments! Chat soon on Facebook! <3

  2. Oooo....that sounds most interesting. I know it's easier to post on FB but I love your blog so much and I feel each post deserves at least 20 comments from everyone combined! It's such a work of art.

    1. Aw Loretta! Way to make my day!! I am so glad to have met you. Having doll friends is like a dream come true to a dream I never even knew I had. If that makes sense. My 'project' is going to be 'announced' as soon as I can get the draft to post (Blogger is being silly) so I'll just tell you here first. I made a YouTube channel! It's just still shots and, so far, only shots you've seen so far on the Blog. Putting them into a video and seeing them on our huge flat screen TV really brought them to life, even for me who took them, in a whole new way. So it's been fun. Watch my blog for the post! Here is the address:

      (You'll probably have to copy/paste) <3

    2. Wow, that sounds neat! I've been thinking about doing videos on YouTube but have never got around to it.