Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Adorable Barnes & Noble Doll Sized Christmas Cupcake Erasers

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

As many of you know if you read my blog, I am a member of a few doll groups over at Facebook. One of my favorite things about Facebook, in fact, is these groups. All of us share ideas for dolls as we find them! Which is awesome but also the tiniest bit dangerous... Why? Because it makes me want: All. The. Doll. Things! I see. I'm kidding... Sort of. Luckily most of the focus is on how to save money or re-create the more expensive versions of doll sized items in these groups too. 

So recently a member of one of the groups posted photos of her Christmas decor and doll finery in her own doll house. One thing that she had in the photos were some totally adorable Christmas themed cupcakes. Oh. My. Cute! Naturally everyone wanted to know where she got them and she reported she'd gotten them at Barnes & Noble and that they were only $2.99 for a box of six! Sweet! So I knew the next time I went into town, I'd be stopping by Barnes & Noble to try and find some for the Doll House!

I am so glad that she told us about them because I never really go shopping at stores much anymore... Amazon has kind of changed the way I shop on that score. Other than Thrift Shoppes, which are more like treasure hunting than shopping, I figure why not just buy it online and have it delivered right to my door or post office box. I digress... But my point is I'd never have seen or gotten these becasue they are only in stores (I looked! haha!) They only have them this time of the year. I am a tad worried that since I am only getting this posted on December 13 (I didn't hear about them until really recently, honest!) they might be hard to find now because I think once they run out, that's it. However, I know how quickly years go by too and before we know it, it will be Christmas 2017 and perhaps someone will find the information then and go get them earlier in the season. From what I understand from the members of the doll group, they had same last year and so I am sure it's part of an assortment they get at the store every year. By way, I found them back on a free standing Christmas Stocking display by the music section but if you can't find them in store be sure and ask. I had to ask two people before one could figure out what I was talking about. LOL Show them the photo if you need to! Eh?

So, naturally, since I knew I would probably never see them again, I bought three boxes. Haha. But I can't just have one of each variety, right? I think that three of them could be used as doll treats other times of the year and so I had to get multiples so I could feature them in the Sweet Shoppe in the future. Right?  

Since I was in the store, I figured I'd run by the toys section and see what Espari stuff they had... I was kind of surprised to find only this tiny endcap that was all marked 40% off. Uh oh... I only stopped in for the erasers!! "Be good Heather!!" I was so tempted to buy something but I managed to refrain. I loved the little yellow rain gear outfit though and had more than a moment of pause as I pondered how I could justify more doll clothes after having such a windfall of doll clothes for my birthday last month. Nope... I walked away without it. Are you proud?

Then I was very surprised to see American Girl Wellie Wishers outfits and accessories! Huh? Is that why Espari items are 40% off? Are they going to do away with the Espari line since they will be carrying the AG items? At ToysRUs, the stores that carry the AG items are no longer allowed to carry their Journey Girl items in the store as a part of the contract with AG. I would know my local ToysRUs is one of them and so I can't walk into to store to buy Journey Girl items anymore... Still haven't decided if I think that is a good or a bad thing? Hahaha. Cos at least I am not tempted to anymore, right? 

See? They even had the little Wellie Wishers Garden Party Table set. I think the Wellie Wisher stuff is cute and will likely end up with one of the dolls someday... I am not sure which one yet because they are all cute. I think my top two favorites are Ashlyn or Emerson so it will probably be one of them. However, I can't see me ever pursuing anything specifically designed for 14 inch dolls. They'll just have to 'make do' with the 18inch doll sized accessories and funiture in the doll house. Haha. 

While I was waiting to check out I saw some other fun doll sized items! The little lunch boxes (above) were so cute! So were the books behind them... All designed as 'gift card holders'. I can't recall the price on them? Seems like $5.99 for each and as you can guess, way too rich for my blood when I find doll sized books at Thrift Shoppes for less than a $1 pretty often. Still, would be a cute add on gift for a doll themed Christmas or a great stocking stuffer too. 

They also had these little 'kits' (see above) I was curious about. They had many 'themes' to the kits, including Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, The Harry Potter ones mentioned having a wand...? Doll sized?? I wanted to rip into each box and see what was inside. Clever marketers!! Have any of you seen these kits and purchased one? 

They even had Christmast themed ones! I was so tempted to buy the 'Leg Lamp' one! I didn't have time to pick them all up and investigate but am tickled by idea of having a 'Leg Lamp' in the doll house at Christmas time. That movie is a hoot. How many times have you seen it? 

Time flies!
Better run...
Till next time.


  1. I am proud of you to be a smart shopper.

  2. The last time I visited our local Toys R Us (about 2 weeks ago) they were still displaying both Wellie Wishers and Journey Girl. I can't imagine that they'd do away with carrying JG items in the store since they have such a huge selection of it...plus, Wellie Wishers are a completely different size than the AGs, and made for a different age group. Now you have me curious! I'll have to stop in again soon and see if they're still there. I hope so! I have two of the WW dolls--Emerson and Willa--they are cute but fankly, I think Hearts 4 Hearts dolls are a better value for the money.