Monday, December 12, 2016

Consuelo Heart For Hearts Doll Thrift Store Find!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

In my recent post about my Heart For Hearts doll collection I included my most recently found Heart For Hearts 'Consuelo' at the local Thrift Store for only 75cents!!

Here is what she looked like when I found her. Well, other than the shorts... She was wearing just the top but to me it seems almost worse than being entirely naked, just being halfway so! So I slipped on the pair of shorts to give her more dignity. As you can see, she is still wearing her price tag on her top. 

She'd been rather poorly treated!! Poor dear!

But for 75cents, I didn't care a toot! I snatched her up and brought her home immediately. 

As you can see, she was pretty dirty when I got her... She also has an ink mark above her right eyebrow and ink can be pretty hard to remove. I figured if I couldn't get it off entirely perhaps I would paint over it or something, making it a 'scar' because they happen right? 

She also had some ink on her foot... Less of a big deal because if it doesn't come off I can always turn it into a cool tattoo or something. Right?

So to clean her up I pulled out my trusty Norwex cloth and started cleaning her up... As usual, everything cleaned up with just the cloth and water other than that pesky ink stain. I've heard of a trick you can try using Oxy-lotion (think acne products) and dab it on stain and leave in the sunlight. I've never actually tried it because I've never had an ink stain on a doll in such a prominent spot before. So I'll try that... Am a bit worried it'll bleach out her skin in that spot and look just as bad or worse but again, there is always the 'scar' back up plan. 

I also washed her hair and 'hot dipped' her hair... It looked like she might've lost some of her hair due to rough treatment and brushing so it was a little on the thin side...

But she came out lovely!! Again, I need to work on the ink stains but.... Still, she's so pretty! For her name I am thinking of Sonja after a mentor I had in High School who she favors. 

Well, it's Monday morning and time to start getting the famiy moving!

Christmas is less than two weeks away! Where does the time go?
Till next time!


  1. What a great find on your Hearts 4 Hearts Consuelo! I think these dolls are so adorable, and I'm glad they are being reissued. I have eight of them, I think! As for your ink stain issue: I have removed many an ink stain from vinyl dolls with Oxy 10...actually, I use Walmart's brand, which is under $3 a tube--just make sure whatever brand you use has 10% benzoyl peroxide. Simply coat the stain with a good blob of the lotion, and then cover it with some clear plastic (like a sandwich baggie or Saran Wrap)so it doesn't dry out. If you can leave your doll's affected area out in the bright sunlight, that is the best route. However, during the winter, this method will still work, but it will just take longer. You could place the affected area under a bright light for several days...keep reapplying the lotion if it gets dry. I rescue thrift store dolls all the time with hideous stains, and I've removed every single one of them using this method. It's never bleached out the surrounding vinyl either, although I suppose that could happen if you left it on too long. Try to keep the lotion just on the stain, and check it frequently. Good luck!

    1. Thanks!!!! I will try it! I didn't make it to Walmart yesterday but I have to go today to pick up some stuff for office (work) and will pick up a tube! Thanks for tip on the walmart brand being good too cos I would've wondered! I have an Ott light and am hoping that will do the trick since it'd so overcast and gloomy this time of year. Have a great day! :)

  2. Wow, what a great deal on Consuelo!I just purchased her brand new for $40 from Amazon. I am thrilled the dolls are back. I also have one from Brazil. They are so adorable.