Monday, December 5, 2016

Latest Doll House Thrifty Finds

Hi Doll Friends!

Recent trips by the local thrift shoppes have gleaned some really fun stuff for the Doll House!

I don't know what I am going to do with all those white baskets! The size is perfect for the dolls Easter buckets! Maybe I'll paint them different colors so they'll have more variety? What would you do with them? The little milk jugs made me smile! I plan to re-paint them so they are more realistic looking... I love the idea of a milk man! I'd never leave the house again. (Kidding! Sort of...) The candy molds I plan to use to make treats from air-dry clay. I think the flowers would make cute 'cakes'. The stockings are vintage and so cute! The little 'silver' tray is actually made of plastic and came with the two little bottles on top. I don't really know, yet, what I am going to do with them? I thought they'd make cute 'decanters' on a 'bar' but am not sure if they'd look right? I am going to try and figure out how to make the 'screw on top' more fancy...? We will see.... The little Santa shaped bottle was a tree ornament but I am going to pretend him to be a syrup bottle or something on my dolls table. The little rug beater will look cute on the wall of the kitchen. The little angel went on the tree already! Can you spot her in the photos of the completed tree? The little glass coasters are going to be to hold up plates on displays in the Sweet Shoppe or for fancy dinners at the Doll House. 

I must have a thing for baskets...? How could I not though! They were 19cents each! They had more and I made myself stop with 'only' five so... That's something right? I LOVE the little 'fish'! I can't wait to make a fishing pole for the dolls so they can go fishing and bring home these cute fish. Aren't they cute? The little wall plaque says "I can't bear it without Jesus" (or something like that?) Again, they had like 10 of them and I made myself buy only one. I love the little olive forks!! I have another set just like them only with wooden handles. These will be fun to pretend a 'fondue' night or something since they look so 1960s. The little squarish pedestal dish I wasn't sure about.... I thought it'd make a cute punch bowl for doll parties or a base of a great centerpiece for fancy dinner parties. It was just too pretty pass up for 99cents! The little black 'stand' didn't have a price and the clerk and I were pretty certain it probably was part of something else but we had no clue what? (I didn't see any similar items on shelf...?) I am going to use it as a pie or cake stand in the doll house. The little white bowl is a Pier One (new!) I am going to use as a serving dish because it's white and could look fancy or casual either one. Same story on the stainless steel bowl... You can't tell from photo but it's a pedestal bowl and it'll make a nice piece for serving things or a cute fruit bowl. 

I saw this little darling at one of the shoppes and had a hard time leaving her there cos oh-my-cute! But I can't start collecting baby dolls or my house will be overtaken...! Haha. So despite her being only 99c I left her there for some little girl or boy to find. 

Most of the stuff in the photo (above) is self explainatory with regards to why I bought it for the Doll House... So many cute Christmas items! I love the tackle box ornament! I am going to use it with the fish from the earlier photo! All I need now is some fishing poles! I'll have to look up a DIY because how hard could that be? The little black box it actually a box that flips open to reveal drawers that slide out and a mirror. It'd make a great doll dresser for someone who doesn't have a ton of doll furniture already (like me). It was only 30cents though! So I bought it for my co-workers daughters who likes 18inch dolls and doesn't have many accessories to go with them. The Owl towel is brand new and will be a cute beach towel for the dolls come summer I think with it's bright colors. I love the three little terra cotta planters... I am going to try and make an 'herb garden' come spring with the dolls since herbs would look like perfect doll sized plants. Right? So they'll come in handy. The little 'Monsters Inc' toys are for the Doll House toybox. The round placemat will be a rug in the kitchen. I liked the little blueish Earthenware dish just made me smile... I am not sure if it's the right size exactly for the dolls but it could be a deep dish casserole or, again, it'd be cute holding fruit. 

The little 'puzzle' mat in the plastic bag is going to be for my eventual 'Baby Sitters Club' post I have planned in my head. I have a baby sister and baby brothers and sisters and a Battat baby sister in the Doll House. I also have a bit of a collection of another manner of this size baby dolls called Gi Go Expressions Dolls that I've been meaning to do a post about for at least six months! Too many dolls, too little time! Eh?

These items are not from the Thrift Store but I got them the same day at the Dollar General for $1 each. I probably didn't 'need' the pans but the little wok was so cute!! The poinsettia plants are the perfect size! I actually bought three but the other one was in a bag downstairs when I took this photo but I didn't know that (I thought I'd left it at the store!). So I got an additional red one... So pretty and so realistic looking! 

So... I realize there was not one single doll photo in this posting! So this posting can maybe be like a 'find an item' for future postings... Keep an eye out for them in my upcoming posts and you'll be like "Oh! I know where she got this!!" Especially that punch bowl... It'll be out a lot.

Till next time! 

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