Sunday, December 11, 2016

Dollar General American Girl Doll Sized Finds!!

Hi Doll Friends!!

Been meaning to tell y'all about things I've found at Dollar General for the dolls! Just have a moment here but want to get this posted before they run out of all their Christmas stuff!

I found poinsettia plants in white and red for $1 each and also nutcrackers for $1 each (made as place card holders)

See the nutcrackers above the kitchen sink? Aren't they cute!?

The poinsettia plants are perfectly sized and so pretty!! I forgot to photo the white one I had over by the doll fireplace but it's exactly the same except white.

I also bought two $1 laundry baskets and they make wonderful doll transporters!! As you can imagine, I move a lot of groups around for doll photos and whatnot. I think it  would also work for doll storage! If you have only one doll in there it falls over but if you add more they all stand up nicely and balance each other out. Just FYI! So look to tall laundry baskets for doll storage in your doll house! By the way, the dolls in the photo above are waiting to be photographed for my doll collection postings I've been doing lately... The ones on the left are LOTUS dolls and the ones on the right are MyLifeAs dolls from Walmart. So stay tuned to future posts to see them!

Here are my Journey Girls when they were being transported. See how well the baskets work? 

Everyone stands up very nicely and very contained. Nice!

Even Heart For Hearts dolls work nicely in the baskets. Score!

That's it for now!
Better run!
Till Next Time!

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