Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Frann Doll Goes To Lunch At Le Mesa!

Hi Doll Friends!

This past Saturday we had to go into town to buy dress up clothes for my ever growing taller son to wear for a Christmas performance at school... As is tradition, whenever we drive in we choose one of our favorite places to eat and have lunch there after we shop. One of my personal favorites is Le Mesa! I've loved them since I was in my twenties and would go to lunch there with girlfriends from work on our lunch break. They have the very best cheese sauce! I am telling you, So if you're ever in Omaha, do stop in! You won't regret it. 

I decided when we were going into town that it would be fun to bring Frann Doll along and perhaps find some good photo ops... When we decided to go to Le Mesa, I knew it would be perfect! They have this beautiful fountain that Frann posed by! Hi Frann! 

I'll admit the fountain photos aren't the best I ever took... But I had to be super quick because my teenaged kids were sitting close by and feeling completely mortified that I was playing dolls in public. Heeheehee... So I had to be quick! Still she looks adorable by the fountain, eh?

At Le Mesa they have a display of various artifacts and naturally Frann Doll wanted to check them out... 

I personally love  the day of the dead sculptures but I know that a lot of people find them a bit creepy... Kind of like dolls I suppose. Can you imagine finding dolls creepy? What?? But a lot of people do. You should see some of the reactions of people who see my doll room. Who needs a guard dog, just have a hundred dolls staring and any would be intruders will run screaming from your house! Kidding! You'd be surprised though how many people are afraid of dolls? Whodathunk?

We really enjoyed looking at all the nicknacks together. 

It was a fun day out... Where have you taken your dollies lately? 

Have a wonderful day!!
Till next time!


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  1. Heather! You are so kind to take Frann doll out for lunch. Though I always take a doll in my car with me, I cannot find a time to take photos due to people around me. Haha. I should be brave enough to enjoy myself anytime!