Sunday, October 11, 2015

Heidi Ott Little Ones 8inch Doll as Baby Sister In the Doll House

Hi there Doll Friends!!

I think I've mentioned, but I love Heidi Ott dolls. I only own one, the Target variety Faithful Friends Beth. She really is a nice doll for the price point they originally charged for her and I am so glad to have her in my collection. 

Heidi Ott also produced a more upscaled doll line called Heidi Ott Little Ones. They range in size from 8inch babies to 12-13inch 'children' dolls. They are a gorgeous line of dolls that I've admired but never thought of owning one of because they are rather expensive on eBay. I kept them in my saved searches though, just in case some off chance one might find it's way to my price range. 

I really would have liked to get one of the 12-13inch dolls and may get lucky and get one someday but this little sweetheart showed up and I just couldn't stop thinking about her. I don't normally 'do' baby dolls, just not my thing... But she, I thought, would be a perfect scale to be a baby sister in the doll house. I have several 'little sisters' in my collection, my dolls range from 12inches to 20inches, but have never had a 'baby' in the doll house. 

Look at her! How could I not? I got her for less than $20!

Her wig is made with real human hair! (There is a reason these dolls cost so much even when produced!) 

Love that the back of the box only had string to untie. Untie the two knots and she is out of the box!

Here is her hang tag.

Check out that price from like 20years ago! So, clearly, I got a good deal.

And look how perfect she is as a baby sister to the dolls!

I'll have to work on posing her better.... but so cute!

Some of dolls crowded in and had to ooh and aww over the baby.

Amy gave her a piggy back ride! Pretty sure Amy is gonna be one of Heidi's favorites. That's right, I named her Heidi after Heidi Ott. Seemed fitting. 

Amy think's she is going to like having a baby sister to play with. 

Now for the particulars of the doll. 

She has a soft body stuffed with bean bag type material. She has soft vinyl limbs and face and a human hair wig. 

She has a neck string kind of like American Girl Dolls. 

She is so well made!

Here is stamp on her neck. 

The clothes were, of course, top notch!

What sets expensive dolls apart from more mid priced onces, I think, is details to things like hands and feet. Check them out! So cute!

Look at the little finger nails! 

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