Saturday, October 10, 2015

Daisy Kingdom 18inch Fit Doll from 1991 Named Sally the Soup Girl

Greetings Doll Friends,

Recently I discovered and enjoyed Shosy G on Youtube and on one of her Fashion Friday's she used some 18 inch dolls I'd never seen before! They looked just like old school dolls from the olden days and I fell immediately in love. They were produced by Daisy Kingdom in the early 1990's as dolls to model the clothing they sold patterns for. Presumably, you were meant to make a wardrobe of cute dresses for them and gift them along with the wardrobe. So off to eBay I went to look for them. They are pretty reasonable, I found one for $9.99 and $8 shipping and ordered her immediately. I might would've liked to get a redhead but decided for the first time in a while to get the blonde version. 

They originally came in a little one piece underwear and she came in it too but I put it in the laundry because it was a bit dingy and can't seem to lay my hands back on it. Am sure it's buried in our mismatched sock bin or something... When I find it again, I'll photo her in it and update the blog!

In the meantime, she is wearing an Our Generation outfit that came with Tracy (AKA Willow) and some boots that I got at Walmart. I love those boots! I might go and buy a second pair before they disappear from the shelves... I digress. I think the outfit looks just right on her. 

Here is her side profile. 

And her back. (I needed to adjust the legs of her pants... Tsktsk!)


Don't say you weren't warned. Gotta do a review here!

Here is what she looks like, she is all hard vinyl and very sturdy! 

She is perfect for 18" Doll clothes modeling to be sure.

Here is the stamp on her back. That was what sealed the deal on me buying her, that 1991. That's the year I got married (and the year I graduated from High School too!) It had to be done. 

Look at her cute little face!

My doll did have a bit of her hair paint worn off. I plan to get some yellow paint and touch her up soon...

My husband saw her and said "She looks just like the Campbell's Soup Kid!" As soon as he said it, I agreed wholeheartedly! I love the Campbell Soup Kids! I even have a whole set of rubber stamps of them (another hobby... I know... How many do I have??) He said she should be named Sally and I agreed as well, perfect name!

Here she is with a couple of better known 18 inch dolls for you to compare. Isn't she cute!

That's it for now Doll Friends!

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