Sunday, October 11, 2015

OurGeneration "Ommm My Way Set" for 18" Dolls: A Review

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

I don't think I've mentioned it before here but another one of my favorite things to do besides collecting, sewing for and creating doll house items for 14-18" dolls is yoga. That's right, I love yoga. I never thought I'd be one of the people who gush about it, but it really has changed my life. I won't say much more about it here other than you should try it sometime and see if you don't feel loads better. 

So, with my love of yoga and my love of dolls, I have been looking for a 'yoga 18' doll' for a while. Walmart's 'My Life As' Dolls have a version but the doll itself isn't my favorite and while the yoga outfit itself is cute, the 'yoga mat' that comes with it is just a rolled up bit of felt. I could make that! So I couldn't bring myself to buy a doll just for an outfit I was lukewarm about. I looked off and on for a yoga doll or yoga clothes, but never found much? Until.... My husband joined AmazonPrime and all of the sudden Amazon became a whole new place! I didn't have to worry about making a minimum of $35 order! So I went looking around... Throwing in my standard searches. When I put in "Yoga 18" doll" or somthing along lines, what should come up but this adorable set?

It was like $14.99 or something but it was so cute and the mat looked real! So I splurged and bought it. I could review it for the blog right? Necessary even! I kid. I likely have a problem. Is there a DollAnon? Seriously though, my Seane Corn (one of my two yoga heroes!) doll needed proper apparel! She had been wearing 'gymnastic clothes' and they just looked wrong. 

Here is the back of the box. I can't figure out how they got that doll to hold the boat pose but I am determined to figure it out. 

My daughter decided my Seane doll needed to do a photobomb and I agreed. Necessary!

Here is Seane, all dressed up and ready to practice!

I love the little girl on shirt doing a tree pose. 

So cute!

Here she is starting her sun salutation!

Downward Facing Dog.

Legs up a wall. One of my personal favorites.

Forward facing fold...

And everyone's favorite: the corpse pose to end the session. 

Brandi was intrigued when she saw Seane practicing her asana's and wondered if she could give her some tips...

Good down dog for first try!

Forward facing fold...

She went through all the asana and then got to the last one so quickly!

Seane about to put her hands in prayer pose and say "Namaste"

Brandi thinks this won't be her last time on the mat, she really feels great afterwards!

Oh look! It's Adriene! She is named after my other favorite yoga instructor Adriene from Yoga with Adriene I bought that leotard/skirt combo from Micheals because I thought it looked sort of yoga clothes-ish but... I'll have to be on look for a plain white t-shirt so I can figure out a way to make a 'Find what feels good' T-shirt for her. 

That's it for now Doll Friends!
Till next time!

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