Sunday, January 15, 2017

Inexpensive DIY Doll Hurricane Lamp For 18 Inch Dolls!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!! 

I hope this finds you staying safe and warm in your cozy home on this mid-January day! They are forecasting ice storms here in the middle of the country and so we've done the grocery run and today after Church I am sure we are likely going to get iced in for a few days. As I say that I am breaking the 'rule' about not anticipating a 'snow day' from school but I think the entire area kind of is already expecting school to be called off tomorrow. It's days like that where the blessing of being able to work from home as I need to is a super blessing!! Rambling here and not even about doll related stuff... What's the weather like where you are? I guess I forget that I get a few international readers too and that someone reading this could very well be in a very warm place! If that's you, enjoy a beam of warm sunshine for me today!! 

Many Saturday's end up being eaten up with errands and such but yesterday ended up being a lazy day at the house and I had lots of time to work on doll projects. I changed rooms around for first time in months and that was fun. I left up the kitchen because I have quite a few 'food related' posts coming up but pulled down the 'living room' side of it and finally set up a 'bedroom' scene again. I've wanted to for months but I only have room in my doll space to set up two or maybe three rooms at a time so I have to pick and choose though. Maybe someday I'll have a doll space big enough to set them all up and leave them as they are? Ah, a girl can dream. Haha.

Speaking of dreaming... Yesterday I was sorting through my doll stuff, re-organizing things and whatnot. I pulled out some of the items I got on my Black Friday shopping spree with Frann Doll and had them all sitting together. I originally purchased this little salt & pepper set on a little silver tray at a thrift store that day and mostly bought it because of the little silver tray. It was a set though (marked like 30cents) and, being as the salt & pepper were doll sized and I thought they'd make good 'vases' I bought them. I also bought the little battery operated votives they sell at The Dollar Tree that day.

So, as I glanced up at both of them while I was working a 'lightbulb went off" in my head and I thought "I wonder if they'd work as a hurricane lamp??" So I opened the package of votives, turned one on and upended one of the salt & peppers on it. So. Stinking. Cute! Maybe it's just me but I think they look pretty much just like little hurricane lanterns!! They even work!! So for less than $2, I got two cute little operational hurricane lanterns for the Doll House. Fun!!

I didn't glue them on or anything because as an adult collector who just uses it all as props in photography sessions, I know they won't get knocked over (too often... I knock stuff over all the time in setting up scenes.... LOL!) and broken by rough play. So, depending on how you're going to use them, you might use a dab of clear craft or hot glue in a couple of dots around the base of the glass if you want it to be hooked together. 

Now I realize that half of the 'ingredients' to this craft were sourced at an obscure thrift store but I tend to see small bottles and salt & pepper sets at thrift stores pretty often and I think the idea would work with most any small bottle or salt & pepper set. So keep your eyes open for small bottles in your Thrifting adventures! I think it'd be kind of fun to have a few differently shaped ones sitting around the doll house. I thought it was fun that I came up with the idea just ahead of our upcoming ice storm too. Just in time!! If the power goes out in the Doll House, they'll have lamps to see by! 

Well, that's it for now Doll Friends! I have a few blog posts I want to finish this morning so stay tuned!!

Till Next Time!