Tuesday, January 10, 2017

My Life As Doll "Grilling Play Set" From Walmart

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

As I mentioned in a post about them, Walmart has released a second wave of My Life As Doll Accessory sets recently. I am really happy with the direction My Life As Doll as taken with their new items and am looking forward to them coming out with more and more lovely doll items at a good price. 

I might've mentioned in that post but the day I found the new sets, I only purchased one, the Smoothie Play Set. As fate would have it, I had to go back to Walmart the very next day and I was weak!! I bought another set. Considering I wouldn't mind buying the entire line of doll stuff, I suppose it could be worse. Right?

During the 24hours or so between my two Walmart visits, they put out yet another thing to tempt me!! Dangerous!! It appears they are going to start selling boy clothes in the hanging clothes section. Awesomeness!! Boy doll clothes are hard to come by! So that'll be great. As far as I saw, there was just the one ensemble there as of now but I am betting they'll release more. Since they released their boy dolls at Walmart they're going to have to release some clothes for them to wear, right? 

I also fell in love with this outfit. It's so stinking cute!! I had an outfit of nearly the same fabric when I was a girl so maybe I am biased... But I love it.

Oh Walmart! You do tempt! This set was on clearance for only $5. I'd decided before not to buy this set because I have most of the accessories included in it already for most part from other sources... But at $5 I was tempted to change my mind. I didn't though! I wasn't even supposed to buying any at all and I'd resolved to buy the...

Grilling Play Set before I even went in. That little grill and those cute burgers and the kabobs! I couldn't help myself. Just too cute to pass up and if I am learning anything about doll items it's that you might ought to buy them when you see them available because you may never see them again!

Here is the back of the blister pack the set came in. Sorry it's a little tattered, I didn't think to photo it until after I opened the package. I love that they are using the boy dolls as models now. I also found it interesting to see that in the photo, they must've been using the prototypes of the toys because if you notice the handle of the grill in the girls hand is blue like the lid and in the final product, it's 'stainless steel' colored. I just find things like that fascinating. Perhaps I'd find it dreadfully boring in the real world but I think being a toy developer would be like playing for a living, eh? 

So here are Jamar and Jamie enjoying a BBQ out by the beach. This is such a cute set!! The burger comes apart so you can put the hamburger patties on the BBQ or take off the lettuce. The spatula has a handle with a holder so it will stay on the dolls hand... I have to say that for the price point of $7.95, they do a pretty bang up job with these sets. I'd have been over the moon to have had them when I was little! Better late than never though, eh?

Better run! I was silly and didn't plug in my computer as I was writing this thinking surely I had enough battery life to get the whole thing banged out before it died. I was wrong. Mid-way my screen went dark! Thank goodness one feature of Blogger is to autosave every 60 seconds or something and so I'd only lost the paragraph I'd been writing and the time it took to go plug in and reboot but in my precious early morning time, that's time I'd rather have consumed elsewhere! Isn't it funny how you get used to the improvements they make in technology though? Anyway, digressing!! Thank goodness for technology so that we can communicate about dolls too eh!?

Have a great day!
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