Monday, May 15, 2017

Jasmine and Prism Take a Walk

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

Happy Monday! I hope this finds you having had a lovely weekend! I had a great one. Mothers Day was yesterday and my family sweetly spoiled me all day long. My daughter made me some paper flowers and a pretty vase for them to live in and gave me a box of chocolates and two cute erasers that she knew I'd love. My sweet husband bought me a new doll wig (he asked what I wanted!) that is currently on it's way to the Doll House and my son, being a teenager, got up and went to church without a word of grumbling! Sometimes you have to take what you can get! Right? He did give me a great hug and a "Happy Mothers Day" too. So, all in all, a pretty terrific day! Hope yours was fantastic too!

It was nice weather this weekend and so I decided to take my two newest OOAK girls Jasmine and Prism outside for some photos in the pretty sunlight. 

Here they are! Aren't they pretty? As I mentioned, I have another new doll wig on the way in the mail from my husband for Mother's Day... It's a stunning wig that I am going to put on one of my very favorite older dolls. Then I already had one on the way from the very last few cents of my May Doll-Mad-Money because I found it for an amazing price. So... Have you noticed I get on a bit of a 'roll' with things? Right now, I am obsessed with making many of my dolls into OOAK dolls. I mean, not all of them obviously. However, I decided recently that I can only keep dolls I really really love and so I determined to either weed out or re-make the dolls I am lukewarm about. If that makes sense. Haha. I was telling my friend (Hi Frann!) this weekend that it's getting to where, in my collection, no doll is safe from being customized!!! 

I am having a lot of fun with it though and I suppose that's the point of all of it isn't it? Playing dolls should be fun. Right?

Between customizing and doll photography, I think those are two of my more favorite doll passtimes at the moment... Speaking of doll photos, have you checked out the PCR American Doll YouTube channel yet?  In a somewhat frenzied pace, I created and posted videos, initially, made from whatever good doll photos I happened to have in my phone still from prior blog postings. I decided to 'cut my teeth' on them with regards to how to edit and post them and whatnot. Despite not having been photographed specifically for YouTube, some of them ended up very cute. I also had a really fun time photographing the very first sequence of photos specifically with a video in mind that is named Cala's Big Day that came out well. So, I am chomping at the bit to make another little 'movie', I just need to find the time to do the photos. I am sure that at least one or two of my OOAK dolls will be in the next one! I am amazed by the stop motion photography movies I see posted by some young women but don't know if I'll ever be patient enough to make one of those? I think of the ones I want to make as more like the old school silent movies or 'progressive photography' I guess. I am rambling... Back to Jasmine and Prism and their walk!

Jasmine is wearing a cute OOAK I got as a gift from Frann! Isn't it perfect on her? She said to tell you it's so comfortable too!

Here are the girls next to a tall tree in the middle of some huge hosta leaves!

I just love the way they look in the natural light. 

The colors in their wigs look so much brighter outside don't you think? 

Jasmine tried to talk Prism into climbing a tree but Prism is terrified of heights. She couldn't even watch Jasmine climb up there without getting light headed!

"Please come back down before you fall and break your neck!" Prism says to Jasmine!! Jasmine just laughed and told her she was missing a great view!!

That's it for now Doll Friends!!
Have a fantastic day!


*PHOTOBOMB!* My dog decided she wanted to be in the photo as well!!

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