Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Tolly Tot's New Wig Arrived!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

As you may recall if you read this here little blog with any frequency at all, I got a new Tolly Tot doll recently at a steal of a price off eBay. Since I already had a blonde haired, blue eyed Tolly Tot named Holly  I decided that, despite her hair being in rather ok shape, that I would re-wig her with one of the beautiful wigs I had on my wish list. 

Well, the wig arrived from Exquisite Doll Designs and I absolutely love the way it looks on her. My only 'problem' is that the wig doesn't quite extend down over all of her old blonde hair 'roots' right at her 'sideburn' area... I mean, it's not horrid and mostly I think her hair will always be down and so it won't matter but... I haven't glued it on yet for that reason. Well, and the fact that with this brand wig, they are literally so tight and perfectly fit that once you get them on, they almost don't need to be glued on. Perhaps if you were going to give the doll to a child who might be rough with her it would be best to glue it on but... As it is, I could probably never glue it on and it'd stay just fine. You can whip her hair around just like the shampoo commercials and it doesn't budge. So I am condsidering what to do about the few blonde hairs... I might take some manner of tool and more closely yank them out. Because generally when I re-wig a doll that has plugged hair, I cut off all the hair but generally leave a bit of 'stubble' because it's hard to get right next to the scalp and since I glue a wig over it, it really doesn't matter at all. 

I forgot to take a photo of the 'problem' area of blonde hair to show you what I mean. I'll come back later with a photo. Meanwhile, with her hair 'down' I think she looks gorgeous!! Notice her My Life As Doll Watch?

Here is the wig as it came out of the package. I think this is probably becoming one of my very favorite wig companies. The wigs are super tight and almost cause me a moment of panic every time I put one on cos I think I'll tear it or mess it up by yanking and pulling and yanking and pulling it on. It gets to where you kind of figure out what works. Sew 4 Dolls has lots of videos of her re-wigging with this brand wig and she gives some tips. I am sure I'll buy more wigs in the future. I just can't help it, they are so pretty! In fact, when I went to get the link for them as I was writing this, I noticed they have quite a few on sale... Oh boy... So many wigs I love on there. It's a good thing I have a budget or I'd probably go a little nuts buying them. Haha. I am pretty sure they're not going anywhere and they'll have sales again. Right?

Better run!

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