Wednesday, June 14, 2017

More Thrift Store Scores For The Doll House!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

Just a quick post to show you some recent doll finds from the thrift stores...

1) The little Pink Lampshade was $1.00
2) The three pack of heart shaped doll sized 'buckets' were 25cents
3) The TaeKwonDoe Gi (shirt) by Build a Bear was 40cents
4) The little "I got smashed in..." mugs were 25cents each (I couldn't resist! LOL)
5) The little vintage doll sweater in cream with yellow buttons was 25cents.
6) The little 'chalkboard' poke-in-ground signs were 99cents for all of them. 
     I plan to take off stick and they'll be perfect 'slates' for old school classroom. 
7) American flag motive pillow was 50cents 
8) Premie sized yellow dress was 50cents (Premie clothes fit 18' dolls perfectly)
9) The 'windmills' were 25cents a package (I am going to add sticks and they'll be perfect for July4)
10) The travel sized Monopoly game was $1.00
11) The 'ivy' was $2.00 (I am going to use to make "house plants" for the Doll House) 
12) The watering can was 25cents (I think?) 

Look how cute the Monopoly Game is!!!! I love love love it!!

The money is the perfect size for the dolls hands!! Nice!!

See how much I saved on the ivy?? It was $8.00 new! Nice!

This little dresser has managed to turn itself into a 'regret'.. It was only $2.00!! But I left it there anyway... How much doll furniture do I need afterall... I could probably go back and get it but the store where it is would take me an hour round trip and that much gas... So... I'll likely leave it for some other lucky person. But isn't it cute!

Gotta run!


  1. Good finds! All items are beautiful.

    1. Thanks! I have way too much fun looking for them! LOL Great chatting on Saturday! :) <3