Thursday, June 8, 2017

Oops, I Did It Again! Or Yes Two More Tolly Tot's Join the Doll House!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

I've been having tech problems with the Blogger App again and so I only finally got this draft to post about five minutes before I was out of time to work on the blog. Ho-hum. So this will probably be a bit of an abridged version of the blog post I had planned to write in interest of getting something posted. I hate to let too many days go by without saying hello to my Doll Friends!! 

So... As you might've seen in my prior post about a 'new' Tolly Tot joining the Doll House, I found a great deal on a Tolly Tot on eBay recently... Tolly Tot's have always been a favorite of mine because my very first 'fit doll' when I started upcycling doll clothes at the very outset of my renewed interest in dolls was my Tolly Tot named Rose. So they have a special place in my heart. Naturally, then, they are on my search lists on eBay and that's how I found the recent one. Well, another practice of mine is, when I find a spectacular deal on eBay, to always look and see what else the seller has to offer on bids. Oftentimes they are consistent on pricing things very low... So, this time proved to be no different. 

They also had this two doll lot of two Tolly's with an opening bid of only $4.99!! Not quite as cheap as that first one at $1.00 but still pretty amazing price of only $2.50 each if I got them for the starting bid price. Of course, as you know, I need more dolls like a new hole in my head but.. For that price, I couldnt' help but to just plunk down the starting bid price and perhaps hedge my bet for a couple dollars more and wait and see what happened.

And I won for the $4.99!! Shipping was only $10 so, only about $7.50 each shipped! NICE! So I plan to use these two Tolly's to makeover into new customized dolls. The original seller already worked on part of it for me by piercing the ears and giving a french manicure to one of them. 

This is the first one... She is a bit damaged. Her hair was utterly ruined really, all tangles and like one big dread lock really. I suppose with lots of patience and work I might've been able to tame it with a hot water dunk but given that I've become somewhat obsessed with the beautiful wigs that are available, I knew I'd just remove her hair. She also has some water/liquid stains on her fabric torso... But I am betting it is likely where someone washed her hair and then let it sit on her shoulders because that is consistent with where the stains are. The reason I suspect this otherwise is that her hair smelled very strongly of shampoo or soap or something, like they didn't get it all out. No matter. I cut off all her hair and gave her a good once over with a Norwex Enviro cloth and other than one stain on one of her arms that I need to have a go at with a magic eraser (I need to get some more) she cleaned up very nice!

I found a wig that I thought would be perfect for her!

"Charred Copper" is the perfect name for this wig! It has copper red with highlights of black and is so pretty!!

Doesn't it look like she was made to wear this hair? 

I just love her! I'll have to come back in the next post and tell you about the second doll because I am out of time! 

Here she is alongside one of my other Tolly's who's hair, I thought, looked like a 'cousin' of the new hair of the new girl. I need to give her a name but so far nothing has come to me.... I am sure I'll come up with a name soon!
Better run!


  1. Such a beautiful doll. I love the red hair wig. I think she looks like a Naomi. (That is just me tho!)You are very talented with your dolly make overs! Have you ever thought of making and selling some custom dolls? I would definitely try to buy one from you! May God Keep Blessing you!

    1. Hi Tasha! I've been praying for you. <3 Thanks so much for your sweet words about my customs. I haven't really considered selling any before because I am somewhat reticent to jump back into eBay (I used to sell on there a lot) because as silly as it may sound is it stresses me out a bit. I always worry I am charging too little on shipping or whatever... I know, silly right. I have had people tell me that the computer practically does it all for you now. Then again I see that there are other venues for selling thing too... I am rambing, my point being I've thought about it but just never have the will to spend time towards doing anything about it. LOL Always wanting to do the next doll craft. Since you mention it though, and I also feel like I have a ridiculous amount of dolls (some of them get dust in their hair I am ashamed to say!!) and it'd be kinder to the dolls (don't laugh!) to find them homes where they might be played with a bit more. So, thanks for mentioning it! I'll have to look over my recent customs and pick out one or two and give it a go. I'll mention it in blog when I post one and where. :) (If it takes me a month or more I apologize in advance... I tend to get on rabbit trails in my doll hobby.... You know, like the whole makeover-wig one I am on right now... Heehee.) Have a great day! <3 <3