Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Anniversary Dinner At The Doll House!! YouTube Video Too!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

Recently, when I was 'researching' on eBay about dolly 'food', I ran across something that surprised me. I have always admired the American Girl Doll Lasagna Dinner Set but never enough to spend $24.00 on it (plus shipping). So I was very excited when I happened across an actual AG Lasagna set for $6.00 with free shipping! What?!

Well, I should say 'a lasagna set' because the items included were not exactly the same as the ones in the AG set. The lasagna and olive oil were included but also a salt shaker and no plates, forks or spatula. I didn't care though because it was the actual lasagna I wanted anyway. So I was totally stoked. I would link to the sellers information but it appears that it might've been a one-off  because the cheapest 'set' I found when I just looked was much more money...? I tell you eBay is a strange place sometimes. The same seller, at the time, also had other adorable sets that, had I known it would be a one-off, I likely would've bought. Oh well.. Such as the nature of eBay. I'll just be glad I got this set. Right?

I decided the moment I got it that I was going to feature the set into a scene of Heather Doll making dinner for Josh Doll. In real life, my husband and I celebrate 26th Wedding Anniversary in early July. So I found the lasagna set just in time! 

Isn't it adorable and real looking! So fun!

I had recently gotten the pasta plates as a thrifty find as well as the cute candle holder so it all felt like it was 'meant to be' for my dollies special dinner.

The candles being lit make it look so warm and sweet, right? Those are birthday candles and so I had to take the photos as quickly as possible before they burned out or dripped!

For desert Heather decided to serve banana splits since it's summertime and hot outside. She served coffee on the side out of the cute mugs I got the other day at a garage sale. It's so much fun putting it all together to make scenes!

After dinner Heather and Josh decided to play Monopoly because it's one of their favorite games!!

When the game was over, Heather served some scrumptious peach tart! Sadly they were both still much too full to eat any so they decided they'd have to cut it later. 

What a great evening!

Happy Anniversary Heather and Josh Doll!! If you're interested, I also made a little YouTube Video of Josh and Heather's dinner date. Go check it out if you have time!

Better run!
Have a great day!


  1. where did you get the glasses they are holding in the lasagna pictures I have been looking for some like that but cant find them?

    1. Hi Misty! I got them at a thrift store or a G sale I am sure. They are "cordial" glasses (I think). I have quite a few of them or ones like them. I actually have been collecting some to re-sale (at an event I have coming up) and I could probably sell a set to you. Let me know if you're interested and we can work it out. ( I don't normally sell stuff but I just happened to have been collecting goblets for resale for an event.)

  2. So entertaining. I just love your doll scenes. The food is great.