Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sophia's 18inch Doll Sized Banana Split Set

Hi Doll Friends!

There are just so many fun things made for dolls now!

I've wanted to check out Sophia's Doll Accessories ever since I saw them on Amazon. They have all manner of fun doll food accessories! I eventually imagine I'll get the Birthday cake set because it is too stinking cute... But the one I decided to try first?

I went with the Banana Split Set because it was one of the least expensive. Might as well make sure I think they are good quality before I spend more right? 

Well I love it! The whole set is top notch! It has seven pieces; two banana splits, two plastic spoons, two lace edged white cloth napkins and a black and white table runner. 

It all comes in this adorable pink checked gift box that is sturdy and could be used to store them in. (If you weren't short on doll space all the time like I am!) 

It was so attractively boxed! Just this cute set would be a perfect gift for a casual playmate of your daughter!

It comes with an enclosure showing other Sophia sets available. Of course. Because planning!

Here is Florence enjoying her ice cream.

So is the newest doll house member who hasn't been talkative enough to tell us her name yet... Perhaps she'll feel a bit more comfortable with a bit of ice cream?

This really is a great set. At ~$6.99 on Amazon, it'd be a great item to add to your next order and make the 18inch doll loving person in your life smile!

That's it for now Doll Friends!
Till next time!

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