Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Tale of Three Our Generation Dolls! Easter Gift From Best Husband Ever!

Hi Doll Friends!!! 

Guess what? Lent is over and I am free to buy dolls again! It's probably good I took the time off of buying them because it's made me focus on reviewing doll items instead of just dolls... Makes for a better rounded blog that way! 

My husband, sweetest guy on earth like he is, knew I'd been missing buying new dolls though and so for Easter he surprised me.

With not one, not two but three new Our Generation dolls! He knows my favorites (I may or may not have given him a wish list...) and apparently Target had a "Buy Two Get One Free" sale on Our Generation stuff. Wow!

He ordered them online and managed to keep them hidden until Easter. 

I've never ordered a doll online before from OG and so I didn't know they came packaged differently! I really prefer these boxes!! Simple and slimline, I think all my future OG dolls will come mail order because they are fabulous. I plan to keep the boxes in garage in case I ever need to mail a doll anywhere cos they're perfect for that! I digress...

I thought I liked the boxes before I opened them but then I really liked them! The only impediment to getting her out was that one cardboard insert to hold her in place. That's it! None of her sewn to the box hooked with a bunch of twist ties or anything. Love it.

They just come in a clear plastic bag.

Un boxing all three took like five minutes!

I love them! Of course! 

That's it for now doll friends! Never enough time to write all I would like because I have to go off and do the adult things... Haha! Adulting is for the birds!


Love her fur vest!!

Love her trench coat!

Love her whole ensemble!

So pretty!

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