Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Emily Rose 18" Doll T-shirt Iron On Project

Hi Doll Friends!

I've wanted to do this for a while now...! So excited I finally took the plunge. Amazon has a set of five plain white t-shirts that costs about $16.00. I bought a set a while ago but only to use as plain white t-shirts for outfits. 

What I wanted to do was get some for doing iron on transfers! There are quite a few ensembles from Our Generation (Battat) that I love mainly because they have a printed Tshirt. See, in real life, my basic "uniform" is a printed t-shirt with either a long tank top or long sleeved thermal shirt under it and jeans. So I needed some print T-shirts. Needed them, see?

I love the way they package them. They come in this cute little box all wrapped up in pink tissue paper. So sweet and profesh! 

Here is back of box. It has a little photo of the Tshirt in the lower left side.

Here are some iron-on decals I've been collecting just for this project. The Little Mermaid one I was really excited for but it was first one I tried and only one that failed! It left a bit of residue on the shirt too! Ruined! But wait... Maybe iron another one over? Which I did, the flag one. There is a tiny place on right side of shirt that you can see the "stain" but it kind of blends in with the old school flag.

Finished products! I love how they came out! 

Heather doll had to change into hers immediately! Nicole changed into hers too since I made it just for her!

Photos of the others being modeled to come soon... Better run and feed my kids dinner. Till next time!!!


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