Friday, April 8, 2016

Hoola Hoop Project for 18inch Dolls

Hi Doll Friends!

So I've been making Dopplegangher dolls of my friends and family lately... I was working on a doll of my sister in law Holly... She is a Hoola Hooping genius. Seriously, she is amazing to watch. So, naturally, her doll needed a hoop!! There are American Girl and Our Generation Hoop sets I think, but they are pretty expensive!! I don't want to pay more for the hoop set than I did for the whole doll! So off I went to Pinterest to see if anyone had a clever idea on how to make them. 

Pinterest did not disappoint. I found this blog about how to make hoola hoops for dolls immediately. Just followed the instructions, with lots of help from my husband who did the leg work of getting the materials from the hardware store when he was out and about. I had the duct tape in my craft supplies so the whole project was pretty inexpensive.

I love how it came out and, more importantly, so does my sister in law. Sweet!

Till Next Time!

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