Sunday, April 10, 2016

'My Fashion Doll' 18inch Doll by LOTUS Comes Home to Doll House

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

As I mentioned in my post about my Gali Girl doll I have really begun to love the LOTUS 18inch dolls. They make them under several different names; Gali Girls, My Sweet Girl, The New York Girl  and many others I am sure I haven't discovered yet. That includes Newberry LOTUS dolls (I posted link to my favorite one but there are several) that are sold at Sears in Canada that I would love love love love to get one of... But alas, I don't live in Canada. They are sold by Sears even, which just seems so cruel, being as we have Sears stores here in the US and why can't they carry them too. Oh well, I am sure there are plenty enough dolls in the United States to get me in trouble... Speaking of... 

My latest LOTUS was on my Amazon wish list for a while... Just kept being drawn back to her sweet face!

Isn't she adorable??!

Her box is pretty standard...

I just adore her cute shoulder length hair and freckles!!

Her outfit is adorable too and really well made.

She had a few little strings in her hair on the left hand side of her face (you can see them in photo above) to keep her hair from flying everywhere...

Very simple to get her out of the box! Just undid the twist ties, unbound the band around her neck and viola! She was outta the box!

So stinking cute!!

Here she is with my other new LOTUS Doll.

And all my LOTUS Dolls standing together for a photo!

More on LOTUS dolls soon... Have about ten drafts in my Blogger app just waiting to be finished... So... Keep checking back!

See you soon!

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