Monday, April 18, 2016

Springfield 18inch Boy Doll Re-Wig

Hi There Doll Friends!!

As I mentioned in my last post... I am a on a bit of a re-wigging kick. I've found some good deals on wigs lately and have gone a bit overboard... Kind of my habit, that... But you're probably used to that by now, eh? Teehee.

This handsome fella is my latest project. 

He was a boy doll from the moment I brought him home and cut off his hair... Here is the story of his homecoming.

I wasn't every really happy with his hair though... So he didn't see a whole lot of 'face time' in the doll house because he wasn't my favorite. Poor chap!!

So, I knew I wanted to re-wig him but it was just a matter of timing and finding the right wig at the right price. 


I got this wig off eBay for a pretty good deal... $6 plust $2 shipping. It's made of human hair which means it is top notch. It was from 'old factory stock' sale and smelled the slightest bit musty, but it will air out and that hasn't ever really bugged me because I grew up with a Mom who ran businesses at Flea Markets all the time and they all smell a bit like that. Haha.

I think it makes him look so much more handsome!!

What do you think?

More soon!


  1. Hi! Heather, a bit busy days, so I cannot add my comment to all your postings. But I have enjoyed all of them every night. I am lying in the bed and writing on the iPad. Not good for writing, teehee. His hair looks gooooood. We korean are not used to 18 inch doll, but I got used to their names thanks to you.

  2. Hi Frann! Just digging through old blog postings and photos and saw this old comment... Sorry I didn't reply before... I tell you, sometimes it's a tricky balance, all the ways to communicate nowadays! So glad we are friends!! Chat soon! XXOO