Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hybrid 18inch Boy Doll From Our Generation and Kingstate Doll

Hi Doll Friends!

I made a new hybrid boy doll today! 

The head of the OG was stained with ink... I'd had it in a box in the basement since we moved as a possible body transplant doll. Or thought perhaps I'd try and get the ink off at some point with a trick I learned on a doll group on Facebook involving pimple cream and sunlight. 

Then yesterday at lunch with my girlfriends (it's a Tuesday tradition!) my lovely friend Patricia pulled the Kingstate doll out of a bag and gave it to me!!! She knows I love to remake dolls and she said "this poor dear needs a makeover!". I love my friends! They know me so well. So, by design, the body of the Kingstate was the awkward kind that won't pose or stand well at all. Not to mention, the leg/foot was falling off and I wasn't sure how to fix it since it wasn't zip tied in but sewn in?

 So I combined the two to make one boy doll. Happily had the wig on hand because I'd ordered it a while ago on eBay for another project doll. When it arrived it was a smidge too small for the OG doll I made over to a boy then... However, I noticed the Kingstate dolls head are smaller and the wig worked perfectly!

I am loving how he turned out! The OG body had a "mystery stain" and so I scrubbed the cloth body well with a Norwex cloth. (Side note: Norwex Enviro cloths are best thing to clean dolls with hands down as first measure before trying any solvents! 90% of stuff comes off no problem! No I don't sell it but there are oodles that do and when I love a product I tell about it!) Then I pulled out threw away all his polyfill and gave him new 'guts'. I glued his wig on and now it's just a matter of drying time! The body has the original owners name in sharpie on bottom of feet but I'll just keep him with shoes on. 😀

Till next time!

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