Monday, April 4, 2016

New American Girl Doll Room Backdrop!

Greetings Doll Friends!

As many of you know, we moved about five months ago... During the move, most of my Doll House background walls got damaged. No real big surprise really... They were made out of cardboard after all. Only two of about seven survived. So... I've been wanting to make some more backgrounds! 

Low and behold, the materials to make a new one found me at my small towns Thrift Shoppe! 

These large cardboard boards are designed for sewing to lay out patterns and measure and such... Well, sewing is becoming a lost art! Which makes the tools of sewing toss-aways to most of society nowadays. Hence, my finding these boards pretty often second hand. You can still buy them new but they aren't as cheap as I find them second hand.

This one was $2!! I've used two methods in the past to make the boards look like walls. I've used both scrapbook paper and Contact Paper. I prefer the contact paper obviously because the scrapbook paper method involved using clear contact paper to protect the scrapbook paper. Haha. However, pretty patterned Contact Paper isn't as common as you'd think!

So I was totally stoked to get two rolls of perfectly "wallpaper" patterned Contact Paper for less than a $1.00! Nice!!

Pretty strait forward in how you put it together. You just apply the contact paper to the blank side of the board strip by strip until it's covered. 

I only used part of the partial roll to do whole board. I think I am actually going to use the left over from the roll to cover the second side. I haven't done that before because I never had enough contact paper but if I do both sides I could make a room on the opposite side of the board and double my play space! I'll post a follow up if/when I do that.

So there you have it! Another doll background for less than $3.00! I will apply command strip hooks to walls to hang up pictures etc. This will probably be my kitchen background because that is one of the ones that got spoiled. Haven't really set up a kitchen room since move because of it! So... That will come soon too! 

Better run! Never enough time!


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