Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Creatology Zoey 18inch Doll From Micheal's

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

As I do most Tuesdays, I went into 'town' yesterday for my business meeting for work. (I am an administrator but I work from home 90% of the time) Since I was going to town, I figured I'd check my phone to see what Michaels' coupon was for the week. Uh oh... 50% off!! Golly.... That makes a Creatology doll cost a mere $12.50! Oh my weakness!!

So naturally I went and got one. Hahaha.

I think these are such great dolls! I've loved them since I first saw them and bought my first Creatology which I named Nadine after my Granny. So I must love her to give her that name! I know I will end up with the whole collection... Maybe even in duplicates because I think they'd make good boy dolls too... Teehee. At that price, how can you not? The outfit is basic but pretty top notch and the dolls are lovely too!

Not sure what I'll name this gal yet....? I also have to admit I am not the biggest fan of her hair... The hair quality is pretty good but she is stuck wearing pony tails or having an akward part down the middle of the back of her head due to how they plugged her hair. I just happen to recently go through a bit of a 'wig buying spree'... (Side note: have you begun to notice I go in cycles on such things? My husband has... Hahaha. He's learned to just ride them out...) So I am betting you dollars to donuts she is goign to end up with new hair. I am thinking a cute black bob might be what she ends up with... But I'll keep you posted! That's another intriguing idea... To buy dups of the dolls and then re-wig them with all manner of different looks. It never ceases to amaze me the difference in dolls when you change their hair. 

I love the face mold on these dolls! Just precious and sweet!

When I get her out of the box and made-over, I'll come back and show you how she turned out... Till then...


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