Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Kingstate 18inch Doll eBay Score!

Hi Doll Friends!!

She arrived yesterday!! I got her on eBay for a steal after she turned up on my 'saved searches'. I'd been wanting to get/review a Kingstate doll since I'd seen them but they are generally a bit more than I'd like to pay on eBay. 

 But not this beauty... The seller had a "Make an Offer' on the auction and when they do and I am going to bid anyway, I always make an offer! I generally offer 15-25% off what they are asking... They can always say no and if they say yes, we are both happy!

Isn't she pretty?!

I got her for $12.99 plus $7.00 shipping! When she came out the box, her dress was a bit dirty... It's a Laura Ashley 18inch doll dress and it was in great shape but dusty. I am sort of planning, as a fun little experiment, to list the dress itself on eBay to recoupe some of the cost of the doll... I have loads of doll dresses but Laura Ashley dresses tend to fetch a pretty penny on eBay all by themselves. So we will see how it cleans up and I'll give it a go...

She is constructed very well and in the same way as many soft bodied 18inch dolls with poseable arms and legs at the hip and shoulder joints and a head that can turn from side to side... Her wig quality leaves a bit to be desired but I plan to try and sort it and see what can be done. If it ends up I don't like how it comes out, did I mention I have a bevy of wigs on the way... So, she may end up looking entirely different! We shall see. I named her Melanie. I'll get her cleaned up (she is a bit dirty, can you tell in the photos?) and come back and show you how she came out. She has such a pretty face and those eyes??! Gorgeous!

See!!? Always make an offer I say! Worse to worse they don't take it and you just pay the price they have listed... Eh?

Till next time!

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