Thursday, July 16, 2015

Effanbee Jan Hagara 18inch Bobby, Belinda and Beth Dolls Friends for American Girl Dolls

Greetings Doll Friends!

Jan Hagara has quickly become my favorite Effanbee doll artist. I am only a few dolls shy of owning every doll Effanbee made. I am sure I'll remedy that soon enough. Haha!

As it is, these three darlings were like providence. They are pretty rare on eBay, pretty rare all together really. I looked for them and there was only one auction of them in all of eBay! And it was only for two of them and very highly priced! So, I dug into past auctions, to see how rare they were. Low and behold, this lot of three had recently ended and hadn't even been bid on. What?!? I took a chance and wrote seller and told them if they still had them, I'd be interested in buying and would they repost them? Within the hour they were posted with a BuyItNow for the beginning auction price from before! I didn't even have to bid! I bought them immediately and all for less than $15/doll including shipping! Woot!

I. Love. Them! They are 18" dolls with soft bodies and vinyl heads and hands. The rest of them are soft bodied. They were designed so they'd be soft enough to sleep with. Very sweet. They'll be great additions to my 18" doll collection! 

Here is Bobby, who I am re-naming Ash after my baby brother.  Isn't he awesome?! I love boy dolls cos they are so much more rare than girl dolls so he was fun to find!

As with all Effanbee, the costumes are top notch. 

Here is Belinda who I've re-named Carissa after Ash's sweet wife and a sister I would've chosen even if he hadn't. I think they make a great couple as dolls! 

Finally we have Beth.

I adore her cameo and dress and her short curly hairstyle is wonderful! I love dolls with unusual hair styles. 

All of their tags looked the same so I am just showing you Beth's. 

As you can see, they have soft bodies other than their hands and head.

Poor Bobby had never been removed from his clothes before but he had a pull in his stitching! I fixed him up right away!

Bobby and Belinda both had legs of black fabric.

Whereas Beth was all pink.

Otherwise they were all the same. 

See? What a great couple! I love them! Don't you? 

Till next time! XXOO

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