Friday, July 17, 2015

Vintage Effanbee Jan Hagara Christina and Larry Dolls

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

As I've mentioned, I kind of fell in love with Vintage Effanbee Dolls recently. You can seriously often find them for a song on eBay and they're just too much fun to pass up! Here are two of the Jan Hagara dolls I got off eBay recently as a set and, including shipping, they were less than $10 each.

Christina one is the most common of the Jan Hagara dolls from Effanbee. She was the first produced in a series that also included Larry. She is 16" tall, made out of high quality vinyl and has nice rooted hair. 

As with all Effnbee Dolls, her costume is top notch. I've literally mused that the costumes alone are worth the cost of the doll if you are looking for some really pretty things for your HeartForHearts dolls for instance. I know my Christina and Laurel will be swapping clothes with my three HeartForHeart dolls. 

Note the price on that tag from the 1980's!! It blows my mind that people would pay that much money for a doll back then and then just pack it away in a box or relegate it to a shelf to display. I am so glad they did though because it means they've been nearly perfectly preserved for modern day collectors to find and enjoy. It's like traveling back in time, kind of. Really, I now have the Effanbee Collection of a rather spoiled 1980s child and for a fraction of the cost of them new back then. I mean, I am pretty sure I've purchased all of my Effanbee Dolls for about the 1980's new price of maybe two of them. That's just cool. 

As you can see, 1984 was the last production year of pretty Christina. I bet they sold a lot of them that way just like American Girl Doll does with their Girl of the Year now. 

I have actually ended up with two in the house because my Laurel doll came with one too. My daughter has the 'twin and we get a kick out of having the same doll as one another. Naturally hers will be dressed much in much more modern outfits than mine likely will. 

I did a much more thorough review of Laurel and she and Christina are identical in every way other than costume and face and hair so I am going to link you to that review right here:

Both Laurel and Christina have been renamed. Laurel has become Lynn and Christina has become Myfanwy. Named after people in my life who are special to me. 

Then we have Larry. I was SO excited about him because I thought that he looked more, in the face, like my husband (as a boy) than any boy doll I'd found! I literally bought two Christina's so I could get him! He only cost about $10 including shipping too. 

He had a stain on his shirt sleeve cuff... Koolaide? Don't drink the Koolaide!

He also lost the soles of his shoes somewhere over the last 30 years too. This seems to be a common problem amongst older doll shoes though. The glue just gives out. I will make him some new soles for his shoes at some point or another. 

I get a kick out of seeing original price tags on dolls from 30+ years ago. With inflation, this doll would cost like $150 now. Crazy. I got them both for about $20 including shipping!

Upon undressing Larry though, I decided he probably couldn't be an incarnation of my husband afterall. Um, because oddly enough, they used their GIRL body from their other 17" dolls as his body.

Um... Tiny bit creepy! So I'll find another doll to represent my hubby. Otherwise I like the doll and with clothes on you can't tell but... This is my husband we are talking about and he is a man's man kind of guy and that just won't do at all. So... Back to drawing board for that but all in all, otherwise, he's a pretty neat doll to go with Lynn (Laurel) and Myfanwy (Christina) and I will name him Douglas. 

Kind of out of order here but just one photo of Christina's body. As I've said, she is same as Laurel whom I reviewed in prior post. I only got one photo for some reason when I took photos of her and now she is in storage and I can't get more until after we get settled again.

My daughter hates naked dolls and covered her up during photographing her for blog. Haha.

That's it for now!
More next time!

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