Thursday, July 16, 2015

Rothkirch Puppe Extra 14" Doll Joins Doll House

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

Did I mention I went a little doll crazy in July? Well, I didn't lie. When my husband wants to spoil me, he sets me loose on eBay with a nifty little sum and I stretch that money over as many dolls as possible! 

One of the dolls is one I was really stoked to win auction on! Rothkirch Puppe dolls are German made and extremely cute! They are also usually beyond what I want to pay any given doll. Until I found this beauty for about a quarter of what they usually go for. It's all in the way you list your items when it comes to eBay and the sellers of this doll didn't describe her very well... But I knew what she was!

Isn't she sweet?

She never had her tags removed.

She was numbered.

Her clothes and wig are both top notch!

She came in a tank top and long legged panties under the dress and slip.

She has an armature which makes her very poseable and she can sit very well.

She has a cloth body and vinyl head, arms and legs.

Bad lighting in this photo but see how well she stands?

She was a bit dirty, I think she'd been displayed a long time on a shelf.

I changed her clothes and washed hers.

She is a great addition to the doll house! Don't you think?

Till next time! XXOO

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