Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Ari by Doll Artist Renate Hockh Joins Doll Family

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends

So sometimes you find a doll on eBay that really isn't your "type". It's price is so low though and the doll is so intriguing that you just can't help it. You bid the minimum amount and let the chips fall... And sometimes you end up with a really neat doll that you're so glad you got! 

Case in point? Ari. Isn't he fabulous?

He has real human hair wig and is made top notch. I've researched him and he was shockingly (to me) expensive new. He was actually one of a set, he has a sister doll. She is about twice as tall as he is because he is meant to be a small child. I think his face is mature enough to kind of fit in well enough to my other dolls in the doll house though and so he is so going to be in future scenes. After we get moved. Ho-hum.

I'd write all I found out about him but it's easier to just link you to the amazing blogs I found:

Isn't he fabulous? 

Till next time!! XXOO

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