Monday, August 7, 2017

My Life As Doll Soccer Player!!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

So, as you may know if you read this blog, Walmart is in the process of clearancing out their My Life As Doll items to make way for the new styles of dolls.... So I've been stopping into Walmarts pretty often to check if they 1) have any of last years styles on clearance and 2) have an of the new stuff that I haven't seen yet. Kind of a dangerous combo, that. At least to your pocketbook anyway. I may or may not need intervention with regards to dolls. Please don't tell anyone. Teehee...

So I stop in the other day to one of my local Walmarts and run across this little beauty... I was drawn in by her outfit actually. My husband played soccer when he was a boy so I am always looking for 'gender nuetral' soccer outfits for his doll. 

So the next thing I noticed was that these dolls were all marked $13.00?!?! What!? Surely they'd been put away wrong, so I asked an employee. I totally asked twice even. They checked on them and I guess realized that it might've been a mistake but since the $13.00 sticker was on the shelf and no other sticker about dolls on shelf anywhere to be seen, they honored the price on the doll I asked about, the soccer player. So I totally bought her. How could I not?! Maybe they were just happy to have found the error because I think they were all mismarked? Who knows? I was just glad to get the one I did. Ironically enough I didn't even ask them to honor the price, only if it was correct. I imagined they'd come back and tell me it was wrong and I'd have marched on my merry way... But they offered so I accepted. So always ask the questions I say.  Right? 

Here she is after I got her home... I can't decide if I am going to change her hair or not. I have the customizing dolls bug and given I got her so inexpensively, she'd be a good candidate for it. Then again, I really thought the last two blonde My Life As dolls I bought specifically to cut their hair off and re-wig them were so pretty as blondes when I got them out of the box... So I might just keep her hair as is? Her eyes are the pretty green ones like Josh doll's eyes but she has hair more similar to my Heather Doll. So that's kind of fun. 

In any case, I am glad I got her. I sometimes get panicky thinking "I probably own too many dolls!!" but what can I say, they make me happy when I get them. I mean, I never really love any of the older ones less when I get a new one, I just love the new one too. Obviously I have my favorites... What do you think Doll Friends? How many dolls is 'too many'? Is there such a number? My only pause about it is that when you have so many you kind of feel like too many of them sit, unplayed with and collecting dust in their hair... Then you feel like a bad Doll Mom! *giggles* Oh the conundrums of a Doll Collector, huh? I don't let it make me lose too much sleep obviously! What are your thoughts on it, I'd love to hear them! Really! Leave them in the comments if you have time. 

Better run!
Till next time!


  1. I Love my three 18 inch dolls. However,having issues with asthma caused by 2nd hand smoke exposure, I wonder if the vinyl in these dolls will ever disintegrate and leach toxins out. Some older barbie dolls have been known to, even the new in box older ones! Have you ever heard of it happening to 18 inch dolls? Maybe I am being overly cautious but better safe than sorry, right?

    1. Hi Tasha! I haven't ever heard of that but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen I suppose? I can't imagine modern toy manufacturers being so careless though. No such thing as overly cautious when it comes to your health!