Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Journey Girl Kylee Joins The Doll House!!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!
As you may know, I have no shortage of Journey Girl dolls... I've gotten a few or customized a few more since I posted about my collection of them in June of last year. So an update of that post is certainly in order because this past weekend during my shopping spree, I added yet another beautiful Journey Girl Doll to my collection. As I mentioned in my shopping spree post, I found her on clearance for only $12.98!! I couldn't pass her up even though I do sometimes feel like maybe I might have a tad too many dolls. Teehee...

I've wanted to get her for a while now since she is one of the main group of the Journey Girls collection and the last one I didn't have. 

So I was totally stoked to finally find her for a great price!

As you can see, the moment I found her for $12.98, I grabbed her and put her in my buggy!!

I kind of forgot to take unboxing photos but you've seen many of them on my blog before... Here she is right out of the box. 

Her hair won't last long in that pony tail. Journey Girls have pretty great hair and so I usually always take it down almost immediately!! 

She became a model in an upcoming post about the Diner Accessories sets I got in the same shopping spree... Isn't she a natural!

Better run!

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