Sunday, August 20, 2017

Walmart In Store Report!!

Hi Doll Friends!!

Just some quick photos of the 'new' My Life As items I am beginning to see in my various Walmart stores locally... I know I get a kick out of seeing them and so figure you might too. 

Here are some of the new season dolls. I love the one in the footy PJ's. I already got the Soccer Player and the Ballerina... Teehee. Maybe someday I'll get the new boy doll but I have loads of blonde boys in the doll house so... Maybe not? What trips me out is that on the My Life As Doll website they don't show any of the new stuff? Weird right?

Here is the kitchen in the new colors.

These three sets are all new. 

There is a store... Walmart actually. I think it's cute but again, I could create a store with items on hand and not have one more item to store...

This plant stand is the same as the older Ice Cream stands they used to sell... I already own two of them and have been making my own plants and so I am not really tempted to get this at all. 

This is really cute. Not sure I ever need to get it because, again, I feel like I could pull off making something similar for less money. But who knows, if it goes on clearance someday maybe?

Because it is pretty cute.

New boy clothes!! I didn't buy any because I honestly think you could get boy clothes off Etsy for about the same money made by some little granny somewhere and support a small business too. Still, cute!

Accessories galore!

There is the new loft bed and laundry room set...

This is did like! They improved the carrier bag for the dolls. I have the older version and I really do think it's top notch...

But I love that they added this handle on the side. Maybe I'll get another one sometime..? Cos I am always traveling with dollies! LOL

These are new! Much like last years clothes sets for the large dolls, these were three outfit sets for the mini dolls they sell. Very cute styles! I actually picked one up because I have two American Girl Doll Mini Dolls and they are in need of clothes!

They also released furniture for the mini dolls. Very cute. I am NOT going there. I have enough doll stuff with just my 18inch dolls! Hahaha.

Still, pretty doggone cute!

I saw these charm bracelets on clearance but... Didn't buy one. 

It's hit and miss for sure. A lot of Walmarts still look like they had a fire sale. 

This set is cute.... I love the marshmellow roasting sticks!

In one store they had a TON of these dolls on clearance for $13... Tempting!! But with that many left I am going to bide my time and check back in a week or so and see if they've been marked down again... Haha.

Better run if I am going to get to church on time!

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