Thursday, August 17, 2017

Our Generation Camper Find At Goodwill!!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!!

I mentioned in my last post that I found an amazing find at Goodwill... Well, here it is!! I got the Our Generation Doll Camper for only $5.99!! It came with like 90% of its orignal accessories too! 

I also got the Our Generation Doll Scooter for $3.99!! It was in prior year colors and so it's orange and purple... I have to say, I kind of dig those colors. Very 1970's, which was my era when I was a kid. So, perfect really.

I just found it kind of amazing that just after my sister friend Frann gifted me the fabulous Retro Cruiser that I would find the camper that attaches to it for nearly nothing. One gift from Frann and the other from God. I am so blessed. 

See, here is the price sticker on top. As you can see, the top was the tiniest bit dusty but, otherwise, the camper was in nearly new condition. It's like some little girl got it for Christmas and set it in the corner of her room and kind of forgot about it. I love it when little girls like that donate thier stuff to Goodwill and I find it. Eh?

When I got home with it, one of the very best parts of finding it happened. My dear sweet daughter, who is 12 going on 20, actually seemed interested in it... Sadly, she has, in the last year or two, determined she is too old for playing dolls anymore. She collects a few but they are mostly fashion or Ball Joint Dolls (BJD) when she can find one she can afford with her birthday money or something. So, when she seemed interested in the camper, I was totally stoked!!! It was literally, to me, worth every nickle I paid for all of the stuff combined just to have her take a visit back into her childhood even if only for an hour or so. 

Her:  "Can I set it all up Mom?" 
Me: "Um, yeah! You want to play dolls with me?! Of course!!" *jumped up and down with the happy*
Her: *eye roll* "I said I wanted to set it up, not play with it..."
Me: "Whatever you call it, I am stoked you want to, show me how you'd set it up!"

And this is what she did: 

I love the smorgasbord of yummy treats and the eggs on the stove. I honestly can't believe this made it to Goodwill and made it all the way home with all these amazing accessories! See? It even had five cookies still with it! The accessories were all in a zip lock bag (likely bagged up before dropped off at Goodwill) but they'd taped it shut and put it inside the camper. I also found a few stragglers inside the fridge and stove... Isn't that amazing?! Literally every accessory you see in this post came with the camper. I said it arrived with 90% of its original accories and that is true but it also came with a few extras that aren't included with the camper as it comes home from the store. As far as I can tell the only things missing are like a spoon, one of the benches, a couple of pillows, the bowls and a couple of the 'canisters'. After looking it all over I realize that the other accessories must've come from the OG RV Camper Accessories Set. So that means, all totalled, I got $82 of items (in new prices) for $5.99. And people wonder why can't stop going by Goodwill whenever I drive by one. As an aside, when I went to get the linky to the RV Camper set, I noticed they just came out with the set in pink this year. I honestly like this color better but I can see the appeal.. Girls like pink. Eh?

"You have to put some dishes in the sink so it looks realistic."

Yes. I have raised my girl right. Reality, we stare it in the face. *giggles* But seriously, she's so like me when she thinks of stuff like that.

I love that it has a nutella jar! Nutella is the bomb. I am probably going to steal some of these adorable food stuffs into my kitchen in the Doll House. I'll leave some of the stuff in the camper all the time so I can just grab it and go for photos when I take the notion though... And probably put a few more. 

Love that she put the fruit and veg in the crispers. 

And loaf of bread in the oven. How adorbs is that loaf of bread?!?

She put the extra flatware in the drawer of the oven. 

I was amazed that the burger had all of it's parts. Ironically enough I just did a burger comparison in this recent post. I only had one of the OG burgers and now I have two. They really are cute in the way all the components come apart... Makes lots of possibilities for doll photography

Here is one of my daughters dolls in the camper after she got it all set up. I think she honestly looks like she kind of belongs in there... How cute! 

She had to try out the bed!! So after my daughter had it all set up and I had it dusted, I had to take it outside for some photos! I needed to take some proper photos of the amazing car Frann gave me and what better time and way than to take some dolls on a 'camping trip' outside. I have a tent set I got from my husband last year sometime.  I looked and looked for a blog post about it...? Maybe I never made one?. So I wanted to add that to the photos as well! FUN! 

So I took a ton of photos of the camping scene but as I arrive to this moment of the blog I realize my most recent draft of this post must not have uploaded as I thought it did? How odd! So... I am going to post this in an awkward order just so that it'll get accomplished this morning in the time I have alloted to do my little blog here. I get up at 4:30AM-ish every day so I can do Bible Study, yoga, walking and blogging but the time can only stretch so far before my day becomes about other people again.... So, I actually produced a video of all the photos from my little Doll Camping Trip on YouTube so if you happen by before I add more photos to this post, you can check them all out there in video form. When I come back to add other photos, you'll find them below the main post as an 'Update'. I'd say I will probably get it done this morning yet but... Blogger app on my phone sometimes gets a mind of it's own and so I won't make any promises I might not be able to keep.

Better run!
Till Next Time!!

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  1. Fabulous! I paid $60 Cdn and I thought THAT was a good price. Isn't this the cutest thing ever?