Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Very First Heartland Doll Tea Party!

Greeting and Salutations Doll Friends,

This past weekend was the very first Heartland Doll Tea Party! It was sort of a 'dress rehearsal' so we would have an idea of how long things took to set up and how things went, timing wise, during the tea. It was a great success with the two girlies we hosted!!

The guests were the grandaughters of my wonderful friend Patti. Patti is the owner of the The Treasure Trove which is where the Tea Parties are held. 

They had so much fun! The older girlie brought her American Girl Doll Molly which was her mom's doll when she was a girl. How sweet!! I love that! The younger girlie brought Dolly, a doll her great-grands had given her knowing she was attending a Doll Tea Party! Isn't that sweet?!

The girls were so excited to have a fancy tea party and loved that the Dolls had a special seat just for them at the table!

Here they are seeing the fancy food come out of the kitchen!

They really enjoyed the fancy finger foods and desserts! Soon enough they were done eating and it was time to head downstairs to play in the Heartland Doll House!

Here is the Heartland Doll House all set up! It was the first time I'd set the whole thing up anywhere besides my house and I was delighted to find that my idea of how to set it all up went beautifully. It took me about 45mins to set up but I think now that I've done it, I'll learn quicker ways of going about it as I do it more...

As you can see, I set up four rooms for the dress rehearsal party. There is a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. I also brought a small cast of doll players for them to play with as 'friends' to the their own dolls.

They each picked out a friend immediately and got to playing! I noted that they both went for a doll with 'rainbow' type hair so I made a mental note to myself that for future parties I would need to bring as many as I can. Luckily I have quite a few dolls with fancy hair now. Haha.

I found it so interesting to see what the girls wanted to play with first. I've never had actual kids play with the Doll House before. Sadly my own daughter is in that time period of life where she thinks she is 'too old play with dolls'. I am sure she'll grow out of it again... Haha. I did, eh? So it was first time many of my dollies had even been played with by kids. So much fun to see!

The girlies loved all the small doll accessories in each room!

And set about the buisiness of playing...

I'll have to let the photos tell the story mostly because I am almost out of time this morning to write... Why does 'fun time' pass so much more quickly than other kinds of time?!

They each played in all of the rooms at least a little bit...

The younger girlies favorite was definately the kitchen though. Before the end of the party she had an entire buffet of food set up on that table.

The older girlie gave her dollies baths and had them change into fancy dresses for a party.

I love this photo of Patti watching... See? Dolls make everyone happy! So I think the party was a smashing success!! If you'd like to see a video tour, here is one on YouTube!! To book a seat at a Heartland Doll Tea Party, visit Syracuse Tea Time. Hope to see you there!

Till Next Time!


  1. Love the pictures. If you don't mind me asking, how old are the girlies? My daughter is still too young for this type of doll, but I'm thinking of giving her one soon and wondered how old the youngest girl was to get an idea on if my little girl will be interested in doll-play. Also, I'd love to hear more about the set up of the doll house. I know you've talked about bits and pieces and it came together over time, but I'd love to see the 45 min set up.

    1. Hi Melissa! They are six and just turned four. My daughter got her first 18" doll when she was 4 and loved it. She wasn't all that gentle but I still have the Doll! I'll photo the set up for the next Tea Party to show you how it goes together. Great idea! Thanks!!!