Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Madame Alexander Doll Score At Goodwill!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends,

Guess what I found at Goodwill this past Sunday on my way home from Church at Flatland

Two Madame Alexander 18inch dolls with a face sculpt I don't think I've ever seen before?! How exciting!! Since my daughters very first 18inch doll Calla was a Madame Alexander, I have a soft spot in my heart for them. 

I got a couple other amazing finds at Goodwill Sunday too... You can see them in this photo. It appears some little girl must've outgrown dolls and she donated them all, accessories and everything, to Goodwill. Lucky for me!!

Even though it's a face sculpt I'd never seen before, they both had the same one... So obviously my first thought was to make them over as twin dolls and to send one to Frann!! She and I have several twin dolls now and so it's become something I love to do. 

I got them for only $1.00 each! Their outfits alone were probably worth that. In fact you may notice that the one with reddish/pink hair is wearing a robe and not what she came home from Goodwill in. Well that's because, loving her outfit like I did, I stole it immediately when I got home and put it on someone else. Hahaha. Yes, that's right. If you come to live in the Doll House all clothes are community property! *giggles*

Here they are looking at each other... I am sure they were a bit disoriented from having been given away to Goodwill and might've been a tiny bit worried about their prospects when they were laying forlornly on the counters of Goodwill. Good news for them? They are in for a rather posh life as dolls of an adult collector. I always kind of get a kick out of my doll rescues because it's almost like my Doll House is a bit of a retirement home. Right? A soft place to land for dolls who've served their time in the toy box, that's the Doll House. 

Although I don't know what they'll think about getting their hair chopped off! It'll be grand though when they are twins!

The doll with the reddish hair really really needs a new wig.... However, the brownette's hair seems to be in pretty good shape. So I am not sure if I want to cut it all off? Perhaps I'll get a brown wig in a similar style? I'll ask Frann what she thinks when I talk to her on Saturday. It's so fun doing doll projects together after all!

Well, I better run!
Back soon to tell you about the other amazing things I got at Goodwill that day!
Till then!


  1. Hi, I have a question about your Frann doll. What company made her?? She just has the most wonderful face and I would like to find one like her! Thanks, and I really enjoy your pics and posts. Regards, Dana

    1. Hi Dana! Thanks for comment and for saying you like the pictures and posts! Makes my day when I get comments from readers. <3 I love Frann Doll too!! She is a Today's Girl I got off Amazon. She has a face sculpt by LOTUS who are same who make Journey Girls and they are all so very pretty. I will post a link to the Amazon listing here but you'll likely have to copy paste it because if you can imbed linkies in comments, I don't know how. LOL She really is a fantastic doll. Have a great day!


    2. Also, here is the post about when she arrived home:

    3. I also have two other LOTUS sculpted dolls that are same sort as Frann.

      There is Radel (arrived named Amara)

      and Lisa:

      Have a fantastic day!! <3