Monday, August 21, 2017

New Journey Girl Ilee At Toys-R-Us!!

Greetings and Salutations Doll Friends!

I stopped by a Toys-R-Us today and this is what I saw... The new Journey Girl Islee is gorgeous! I hadn't ever seen her before but that makes sense because apparently she is new. Here is a link to her o on their website. 

Just gorgeous!

Here is the rest of what I saw....

They had the New York Kyla's on clearance for $12.98!!!! I didn't have one!! So.... As you may have guessed, I probably do now. So stoked!

I may or may not have picked one of these up....? For $4.99 that's a pretty good deal.

New dogs I think!

I went back and forth about if I wanted to get this hair set... I decided against but I think it's pretty neat.

Cute accessories sets but... A bit spendy I think. Even more than Our Generations I think?

I think the bike is pretty cute and if I buy another one to go with the Our Generation Bike I found at Goodwill I suspect it will be this one. Although by all accounts of reviews I've read, the OG one is much sturdier. Being an adult collector that's not as big a deal to me as it is to someone buying these to actually be played with... Still I'd like to check it out for myself. Haha.

Cute tent set. I may get another couple to take the dolls on a camping trip.

I am not sure about this Jeep... It was on a top shelf and so I couldn't really look at it but it seems like two Journey Girls can fit in... Wonder if two American Girls or Our Generations or MyLifeAs would fit. They all have much broader hips than Journey Girls do so? Do any of you have this jeep and can tell me?

I was really surprised to see Wellie Wishers at this store since they have Journey Girls? Maybe they are allowed to sell the Wellie's because they are 14inches and not 18inches? Eitherwise it was fun to see them.

So that's it for now...! I hope to get lots of blogging stuff done today since I am taking the day off with my family for the Eclipse. We will have total darkness at about 1:03PM. It'll be neat to see.

Have a fantastic Eclipse Day!


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