Tuesday, December 20, 2016

My 18 Inch Boy Doll Collection... So Far..

Greetings Doll Friends! 

Since my husband brought home Jamar the other day and since I've been doing 'collection' posts, I thought it might be fun to do a post of all my 18 inch boy dolls. I did a post of my boy doll collection late last year but obviously I've added quite a few more boy dolls since then! Even I was a bit blown away to see how few I had then! A lot can change in a year, apparently. Especially when I get the 'customized doll' bug and am able to find second hand dolls so readily and inexpensively. Teehee.

As you may can tell, too, I've weeded out the smaller dolls I had last year. For a while I thought it would be neat and fun to have all sorts of dolls in the doll house such as vintage and smaller dolls etc... Then, as you may imagine, it became a bit of a problem keeping a 'wardrobe' for so many sized dolls! So I decided to change my focus to mainly modern 18inch dolls. Otherwise, I might've had to buy a second 'real' house just so I'd have room for my Doll House. Haha. 

As with many large group photos, it's kind of tough to get them all in the photo with their face showing... Always seems to be someone tucked in behind someone else despite my best efforts to create 'risers' for them to stand on for the photos. Haha. So that's why I take different angles so perhaps you can see them better. 

It's kind of fun to see them all together in a group photo, even for me. 

I tried, at first to put them in the order in which they came home to the Doll House but I ended up giving up that idea and just tried to get them all into the photo!

What's funny is I think to myself "I don't have enough boy doll clothes!" and am always wishing they made more variety in them... Then, as I pull out all the boys, I realize I have quite a lot of 'boy doll clothes', they are just all being worn by boy dolls. 

Let me introduce you to them all. They are: 

Front Row Left to Right:

-Paul Joseph Watson (Blue buttoned short sleeves shirt)
-Bill E (red New York tshirt)
-Elvis (Tuxedo This is a very recent change in customization! More on that soon in upcoming post...)
-Heath (yellow black lettermans jacket)
-Milo Yiannopoulos (Fabulous navy jacket and pearl/diamond bracelet)
-Jean Luc Picard (brown white striped shirt)
-Tyrone (Star motif red/white/blue shirt)

Middle Row Left to Right:

-John Snow (fur vest & black shirt)
-Kevin A (bike shirt)
-Ashley D (Camo)
-Mike C (yellow jersey)
-Jamar (gray shirt gray headband)
-Kevin S (red/white/blue letter jacket)
-Jason V (green/blue basketball shirt)
-Hector P (Blue/green PJ shirt)
-Aubrey D (yellow shirt & overalls)

Back Row Left To Right:

-David (Nebraska lettermans jacket)
-Vito (Grey shirt, wearing hat)
-Josh (brown jacket) 
-Adam D (gray baseball jersey)

And that's all of them! A couple of them still need their stories told because they've been customized recently... Kevin A, for instance, was literally just made over in the last month or so. He got a whole new body and a new wig and a new gender even! Haha. I am telling you, it's not safe to be a doll in my Doll House sometimes when it comes to your identity... Unless your wig is glued on, you could just be a new wig away from being a totally different doll should I take the notion. Teeheehee. I love how they evolve though until I am finally satisfied they are the 'doll they are meant to be'. That's when the wig glue comes out. 

Well, I want to try and get one more post done before I get my day started... Do you have any boy dolls? They are becoming more and more common, I think, as people get more comfortable customizing dolls. Which is so cool, eh?

Till next time!


  1. Your collection is amazing. I've got 3 18" boy dolls, so far. two are the CJ from the retired BFC ink doll line, and the other is a made over American Girl #53 - made over = hair cut, painted freckles and darkened eye brows, I call him Lawrie. I'm keen to see what American Girl do with the boy thing, if the rumoured boy doll comes to pass.

    1. Thanks!! I'd love to see your boy dolls! I think they'd be smart to make a boy! I mean it's plain there is a market for them, right? :)