Monday, December 5, 2016

My Collection of Our Gen & Tolly Tots and Journey Girl Dolls... So Far....

Hi Doll Friends!

So as I mentioned in my last post I decided to do updated group photos of each of the different 'kinds' of dolls I have. I knew if I were going to do it, I'd have to just pull all the dolls off the shelves and photo them in the outfit they are currently wearing or it'd never get done. If I tried to make them all match, I'd have to leave the project in my will for my daughter to do I imagine. Haha. So when you see some of them in their PJs or whatnot, don't judge ok? They were literally dragged out of their beds. (Kidding! They just got stored that way after sleepover scenes)

I decided to start wtih my Our Generation Dolls formerly known as Battat. As you will be able to see, since my last post about my Our Gen dolls, my collection has grown since then. Also, a few of the dolls have been re-named or re-wigged although I'd have to go check the old posting a little closer to tell you which ones.

Whats funny is I set up a 'backdrop' and then set up all the dolls... Then I realized that the spot I'd set up the backdrop that had seemed so perfect, um, well, I had no room to get far enough back to take the photo. Oy! I knew if I took them all down after spending the half hour (more?) setting them up, I'd never do it so I just did the best I could with somewhat weird angles. So, sorry for the rubbish photo angles!!


My Our Generation Dolls names are:

Back row (Left to right): 

 -Jamie J (redhead with purple gym outfit)
 -Bernie C (Short haired brunette with purple headband) *Customized 
 -Ashley D (Blonde boy in camo) *Customized
 -Handra D (Brown hair in Micky mouse hoody)
 -Vito C (Blonde boy in middle in gray) *Customized
 -Hector P (Brown haired boy with blue shirt) *Customized 
 -LaQuela B (brown hair girl with pink headband) 
 -Mike (brown haired boy in yellow shirt) *Customized
 -Judy D (Blonde hair in beige vest)
 -Mo' B (Brown hair in white tank top)

Second row from back:

-Courtney S (Short haired blonde with pink bow) *Customized
-Katie G (Brown hair in Minions sweatshirt)
-Buffy S (Blonde with pony tails)
-Shantea W (Reddish hair in red shirt)
-Florence W (Red hair in pink)
-Sean C (Curly honey colored hair in black dress with flower)
-Holly D (Long brown hair in red scarf)
-Brandi K (Black hair in black dress with cats motif)

Third row from back: 

-Becky H (Reddish brown hair in pink)
-Stepanie A (Blonde in flowered dress with grey shrug) *This doll is a 15inch Battat Little Friend
-Cyndi B (blonde in green yoga jacket)
-Stef K (Red hair in blue top) *Also a 15inch Battat
-Jenndeck C (Honey blonde in burgandy scarf)

Front row:
-Grace V (Honey blonde in blue vest) *Customized
-Annie B (Red curls in flowered dress) *Customized
-Jordan A (Dark hair in black and white stripes)

It seemed genius when I put it up because I did it in a space in my doll room where I wouldn't have to take down the whole living room, kitchen, dining room "Great room" I have set up in the lions share of my doll room. Except with this many dolls crowded into the scene, there was no room to get far back to take such large group photo. Oh well.... Better this than nothing and I'll set them all up again soon. 

Since I took them all out grouped together I am going to put a lot of my dolls away by 'kind' now so that then when I do photo shoots I can just pull one doll of each 'type' and 1) have a variety of face sculpts and such in each scene and 2) rotate the dolls more regularly... I try to take them all out once a month or so and change their clothes and brush or fix their hair but sometimes it doesn't happen as often as that. As you may can tell since some of these dolls have Summer clothes on and it's December already! Time flies!

I put all of the OG's away then moved the backdrop to a space where I'd have a bit more room to take photos! Lesson learned! I decided to pull out one of my very favorite kinds of dolls. Tolly Tots! My very first 18inch doll, gifted to me by my daughter when I got into sewing for dolls, was a Tolly Tot. Between that and how well they are made if they were still being produced they might just be my favorite kind of 18inch doll but given that you can only get them on the secondary market, I don't like to say that because I don't want to recommend a doll that isn't really even readily available. You can generally find them on eBay but not everyone likes to shop that way.

My Tolly Tot dolls are:

-Adam D (Ash blonde/gray hair in gray jersey) *Customized
-Holly D (Blonde with American Flag on shirt)
-Electra C (Gray/purple hair in owl sweater)
-Sasha C (Brown hair in red/blue PJs)
-Rose C (Brown hair in pink)
-Dakota C (black hair in black Addidas outfit)
-Josie D (Auburn hair in pink shirt 
-Jean Luc P (bald boy in striped shirt) *Customized (head from Tolly Tot baby doll)

Next come Journey Girls and Espari dolls. I group them together because I think of them as basically the same doll line... Their bodies are identical and face sculpts very similar. I love both types and am have the Limited Edition set of them on my wish list to my husband this year. 

My Journey Girls are

Back row:

-Lauren S (Blonde in pink boots)
-Emily Anne C (raven hair in red jacket) *Customized Espari doll
-Roseanna D (Brown highlighted hair in red/blue knitted poncho)
-Hemalayaa B (Black hair in Peanuts hoody)
-Adilyn A (Black hair red sweater)
-Susannah O (Red hair blue nightgown with pink flower)
-Portia B (Black hair in blue nightgown with frogs) 
-Carissa D (Blonde hair in Hello Kitty shirt)

Middle Row:

-Pam D (Brown hair pink shawl) *This is an Espari Doll from Barnes & Noble
-Carlene S (Black hair in OG Lettermans jacket)
-Aliyah A (Black hair with red barrette) *also an Espari doll

Front row: 

-Karen H (Reddish brown hair in red striped shirt) *Customized 
-Scarlett B (Dark brown hair in pink vest) 
-Stephanie D (Red hair in brown jacket) *Customized

That's all for now friends!! I am planning on doing more different 'kinds' of dolls but it's a bit more time consuming than you may imagine. The Journey Girls and Espari's are still in same poses because I ran out of steam.... I meant to take a few more angles but then got pulled into other things (non doll related stuff sometimes makes itself a priority... Eh?) and didn't get back to it. So I'll take a few more angles before I take them back down to put them away. 

Till next time!

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